Are Twitter Friends Really Friends?

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The age old question: are twitter friends actually real friends? Okay, so maybe it’s not an age old question considering Twitter is a pretty new thing. Anyway, the answer to question would be a solid yes. Without a thought, I consider my Twitter friends my friends.

No, they’re not the ones you see every day and make fun of. They’re not the ones you can text to get coffee with you. However, they are the friends who will always respond back to you when you want to freak out about your favorite TV show, book or movie. They understand the fangirl side of you that maybe your real life friends do not. I’m glad most of my real life friends know and understand my crazy fangirl side.

I have met some awesome people via Twitter. Shout-out to my CaptainSwan group chat (Erica, Madi, Kristin, Marina, heeeyyyyy!) Or the ones I made this blog with (Caro, Em, Jo) I know when  I need to vent about something fandom or people are trolling me or even when I want to complain about school, they are there.

The same goes for many of my other friends on Twitter. The amount of times they’ve made me laugh or supported me or made fun of me, that’s friendship.

So when people tell you that Twitter friends aren’t real friends, slap them. Actually, don’t slap them. Just tell them they’re wrong. Because they are.

I wish I could meet every single one of you, but that’s impossible.