Another Sunday without ONCE(cries)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m slowly dying over here. Sunday’s used to be the highlight of my week, and now they are literally so boring. Has filming started yet? SOS!

Today I decided to fill the void with a little Disney adventure! I happen to live near the happiest place on Earth (Disney World in Florida). My dad had some tickets that expired today so my boyfriend and I went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Please contain your jealousy.


For those who have never been–This is The Tower of Terror. It’s basically a giant elevator ride that drops repeatedly. Soooooo fun!

Fun Fact: They used to have Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop here at the Studios! It was recently removed (along with a bunch of other stuff) to make room for the new Star Wars stuff.0807ZV_0067MW.jpg

Cool, right? You couldn’t go in…But window shopping was fun!

How are you filling your Sunday’s?¬†Excuse me while I go rewatch ONCE. heehee

Emily xx