Swooning Over CaptainSwan: Our Fave Romantic Moments

There is, without a doubt, various romantic moments through the five seasons of Once Upon a Time. Hook and Emma, among the couples on the show, have had many swoon worthy scenes. And today we all chose our favorite Hook and Emma moment that made us swoon. (Or still is making us swoon) I for one am in a constant state of swoon when it comes to CaptainSwan.

Caro: 5×08 ‘Birth’

Emma Swan and Killian Jones have an epic love story that hasn’t ended yet (thankfully). They have shared many beautiful moments during the course of the series, but the one I consider the most romantic is the scene on 5×08 “Birth”, where they talk about their future and magically turn on the Promethean Flame. 

What I like about this moment is that Emma and Hook finally talk about sharing a future, giving the next step of moving together. I mean, it’s such a big thing! I went all crazy when I watched this because I could only imagine a bunch of domestic Captain Swan scenes and totally fangirled big time (I’m still hoping to see some of this stuff on Season 6). 

Okay, sorry for my sudden ramble. Returning to the scene… Emma, of course, feels a bit scared of that future. She had never gotten too far in a relationship, things were starting to get more serious between Killian and her and somehow she was afraid of it. Not because she didn’t want to have that future, because she did want it, but for the fact that it was a whole new thing for her. 

In some way, I understand her feelings. It’s like wanting something so bad but feeling scared of it because you’re afraid of that new thing, of something that will change your life and will most likely leave a mark on it. 

Our dear Killian felt sad as soon as he listened to Emma’s fear, but when she told him that she did wanted to begin that future with him, his face changed and a gorgeous smile showed up. 

“The future is nothing to be afraid of, Swan” He told her comfortingly. This decision of moving together is such a big thing for them as a couple. It shows maturity and progress in the relationship, which just makes my love for them grow even more. 

And then something beautiful happens. Emma and Killian share a kiss. It was magical, but the cherry on top was that the Promethean Flame turned on, somehow showing the power and strength of their love and support. 

It’s one of those small moments that are very meaningful, that make your fangirl heart beat faster than ever, and even make you cry of happiness. 

Madeline: 5×21 ‘Last Rites’

As a Captain Swan fangirl, every moment they’re onscreen together is my favorite. But, I would have to say my favorite romantic moment between the Savior and the Pirate is in 5×21 ‘Last Rites’.

This was a heartbreaking episode. Regina loses Robin, and Emma is still mourning the loss of the man she loved. When she visits his grave, you see the pain Emma is going through. She knows Killian can move on, but she can’t but help feel the agony it causes her that he’s no longer with her. The scene is raw and intense. The audience witnesses firsthand the reaction of a woman who deeply wishes things were different, that her true love was in her arms. She even lays his rum flask because she knew he would like it more than flowers. It’s small things like that that let viewers know how intimate their relationship is.

Then, a whirl of wind startles Emma while she says her good bye to Robin. As she turns around, we hear, “Swan?”. The camera flashes to Killian who is in front of his grave. Emma whispers his name, not really believing her eyes. Nonetheless, she rushes towards him and kisses him passionately, closing every inch of space between them. The emotions are so raw and real in this scene. They kiss each other like one of them will disappear at any moment. The love for each other is so evident.

Emma asks how Killian came back, but is too stunned that she has her true love back in her life. She can’t help but shower his face with kisses, not even letting him explain how he came back from the Underworld. As he starts to tell her it was all Zeus’s doing, Emma presses her lips back onto his, cutting off anymore words, saying “I don’t care; I’m just glad you’re okay.” Enter sobs of thousands of Captain Swan fans.

This is my favorite Captain Swan scene because in this moment, we truly know that true love is a powerful thing. And not just any true love, but the love that Emma and Killian share. Killian is a part of her life that makes her feel whole. Within minutes, you see a mourning Emma to a woman full of love and happiness at seeing Killian again. The love between them is so strong. Killian is one part of Emma’s life that she absolutely cannot live without, and we see that with their reunion.

Plus, Zeus totally ships them too.

Joanna: 4×15 ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ 

I have so many favourite Captain Swan moments that fall under the romantic category. It was incredibly hard to pick one scene to write about and after much deliberation, I decided on the iconic scene from “Poor Unfortunate Soul” where Hook tells Emma that she is his happy ending. Swoon.

In the scene, Emma quickly notices that something isn’t right with Killian after everyone leaves the cabin, the two of them remaining behind. He’s quiet and not his usual flirtatious self. Emma questions him and Killian opens up straight away. He tells her that earlier in the day he almost became the man he used to be and that he easily fell back into the darkness. To the audience, it is quite clear that it pains Killian to make this admission to Emma. (Side note, Colin O’Donoghue’s facial expressions were so on point in this scene).

Straight away Emma tries to assure him that he did the right thing and that he chose the right path by helping Ursula achieve her happy ending, but it becomes immediately clear that something else is troubling Killian as his facial expression remains sad. He then goes on to explain to Emma that he is worried about the fact that he was once a villain, to which Emma tries to again reassure him once again that he is no longer that man, but Killian is too far gone for reasoning at that moment in time.

Killian continues to look at Emma intently as he explains that he is afraid of losing his happy ending, just like Regina did, even though she is no longer a villain. Emma looks stunned at his confession and is clearly quite shocked. Completely unaware about how much she means to Killian she questions him what his happy ending is because if he is afraid to lose it, he has to have found it.

Killian himself shakes his head slightly and appears shocked that Emma doesn’t understand what he is about to admit.

“Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.” He says as he continues to look at her with love and worry.

Emma maintains to gaze at him in shock for a few moments, tears beginning to form in her eyes now. She cares for him deeply as well and this admittance on Killian’s behalf renders her speechless, but in a good way. Not sure how to respond with words, she slowly begins to lean forwards and captures Killian’s lips in a gentle kiss. As Killian responds to her kiss, a lone happy tear rolls down her cheek.

This entire scene is swoon-worthy, romantic, heartbreaking and just perfect. For the first time we see Killian admit to Emma how much she means to him, once again proving that his feelings are genuine and that he sees their relationship as long-term. Emma doesn’t cower nor does she flinch. She’s touched and happy. She’s overwhelmed with emotion that she can’t even form a response and instead opts to kiss him.

This scene is definitely one of the most important Captain Swan scenes to date. Not only did we get Killian admitting that he loves Emma in his own way, we also got a swoon-worthy feels filled kiss.

This moment is a huge highlight of season four and even the entire of Emma and Killian’s relationship, which we’ve seen develop over the past four seasons and I am looking forward to more moments like this.

Emily: Colin tweeted Emily and she was unable to write a romantic moment between Hook and Emma. Not that we blame her. It’s not everyday Colin O’Donoghue wishes you a happy birthday.

happy bday

CaptainSwan’s Best Kisses

In honor of CaptainSwan totally slaying the competition for the Choice TV Lip Lock (fingers crossed they win), I have compiled the best kisses between Emma and Hook. So here you all are, in no particular order:

  1. Neverland Kiss: This may have been the hottest first kiss ever on TV. It’s no shock that Emma and Hook had chemistry even so early off in the series. Don’t you just fangirl/fanboy every time you see this one? I mean, how she grabs onto his collar like it’s life or death, OMG. The tension was so real.
  2. First Date Kiss: Is it the two hands? Is it Emma’s obvious attraction for him? Or is it both? Their first date was super cute, but the kiss was super hot. As we say on Twitter, they devoured each other. Hehe.
  3. Easy Tiger: I know Hook didn’t have his heart in his chest, but this kiss was hot, hot,  hot. It takes Emma’s breath away that’s for sure. And embarrasses Elsa in the process.
  4. Emma Puts Hook’s Heart Back In: Yes, just yes. Emma puts his heart back in and Hook’s need to kiss her so intensely is just perfect. And then he pulls away and Emma totally tries to go back in for a kiss. HOW HE BACKS HER AGAINST THE WALL.
  5. Kiss Away the Darkness: Without a doubt, the hottest kiss to ever grace this show. Hook trying to kiss the darkness out of Dark Swan was super hot. Super, super hot. I can’t even emphasize how hot this kiss was. “There’s the pirate I remember”. OHHhhhhhhhhh! Again, devour.
  6. Dark CaptainSwan: This kiss was so hot that they both had to “scout a path” and “go get water”. You are the Dark Ones, we all know that is not what you had to do. Nice try though; we all know you were thinking about coffee. And then Hook looks so disgruntled after Emma pulls away. OMG.

The 5 Most Romantic CaptainSwan Moments

There is no doubt that CaptainSwan has had so many romantic moments throughout the show. And it hard for me to limit the romantic moments to only 3. But I like a challenge; especially when that challenge involves Hook and Emma. So without further ado, in no particular order, the top 5 most romantic Hook and Emma moments:

  1. The Meadow Scene-‘The Broken Kingdom’: I am almost positive this scene marks as one of the most romantic moments on the show. I think it’s so romantic because of what is going on in this episode. Hook brought her into the field of daisies to help declutter her mind from the curse of the Dark One. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but what this all means for the couple. Emma trusts Hook so freely, so confidently in his actions. He wasn’t afraid of her in that moment; he didn’t cower down in fear. No, he wanted to protect the woman he loves and let her clear her mind from the darkness. This scene is truly remarkable. Then of course we hear Emma say “now that we’re alone…” and they kiss each other. Actually, more like they devour each other. As the camera zooms out, we see the surrondings. Emma dressed in white, Killian dressed in black, surrounded by a field of green and pink. The whole scene bleeds with intimacy. Also, Hook tells Emma that he will “never stop fighting for [them]” which is incredibly swoon worthy. In this scene, we see the consistent chemistry from Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue.
  2. Emma shares her childhood with Hook-‘Breaking Glass’: Maybe it’s because I just rewatched this episode today, but this moment is so tender, so real. Emma is opening herself up to Hook, and we see her walls being slowly knocked down. As all of the fans know, Emma isn’t exactly the type to uncover things so easily. All Hook did was ask for the honors and she obliged. She didn’t have to, but she did. Why? Because she trusts him. Emma knows that Hook would do anything for her. What I loved was she only showed her parents and the gang after she saw the Snow Queen in her video. Hook was the only one she had any intentions of revealing that part of her past to. And for that, I find it very romantic. We see them in the dark sheriff station, not saying much, but his presence being everything to her. His touch, his nearness is all that she needs to know that he cares. Such a simple scene with so much meaning and depth.
  3. Hook’s resurrection- ‘Last Rites’: Was this episode just the most heartbreaking one you have ever seen? If you answered no, what is your problem? While this episode was heartbreaking, it was also super romantic. I like to relate this whole scene to the song ‘Go the Distance’ from the Hercules soundtrack. The lyrics state: “When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong”. Take a moment to let these lyrics sink in. The ‘distance’ being Hook’s help in aiding Emma with the storybook pages from the Underworld. The ‘where I belong’ being back with Emma. When Zeus told Killian he was sending him to where he belonged, he appeared in the same spot Emma was. The place he best belongs his in Emma’s arms. How romantic is that? And when Zeus ships you, you know that you have the strongest love around. Plus, that whole scene was super sweet. The way Emma ran into his arms, kissing him with everything within her. Then not letting him even explain how he returned because she was too busy kissing him. Kissing her true love. My heart just melts thinking about it. 
  4. Emma’s ‘I love you’/lift kiss-‘An Untold Story’: Remember when the fandom absolutely lost all chill when we got the BTS pictures for this scene? Then we got the dialogue that accompanied the scene and we lost it all over again. Yet another simple yet romantic scene, but also very powerful. As Hook and Emma walk hand-in-hand, Emma tells Hook she wants to tell himself something now that they’re not amongst craziness. She says three simple words: I love you. In this moment, we see the final piece of her wall shatter to the ground. The wall is torn down and is open to love. Love for Hook, just so we’re clear. It also didn’t hurt that the kiss was adorable. I’m positive when Hook lifted Emma, we all fell off our couches. Okay, maybe it was just me who did. (Shoutout to Joanna for helping me decide between 2 scenes)
  5. Emma and Hook’s first real kiss-‘There’s No Place Like Home’: The word ‘aye’ has never held so much significance before. This episode was magical for a lot of reasons and one of the reasons being Emma’s realization. She learns that Hook has traded his ship to save her. Okay, I think we can all admit we melted at this scene. A man that was so hell-bent on revenge and closed off, chose to trade the one thing he cherished for a woman. A woman that he treasured more than his beloved Jolly Roger. And then Emma’s realization that she shouldn’t close herself off to the possibility of love. Just like Hook, she only relied on herself, but Hook is there for her. He saved her. Together, they break each other’s barriers. Plus, that kiss was so long and just yes.