6 Times Emma Swan Was a Bad A**

There’s no question that Emma Swan is quite the force to be reckoned with. Single, in love, doesn’t matter; Emma has always been ready to kick some butt. In no particular order:

  1. When Emma knocked out the Mad Hatter: Remember that one time when Emma knocked the Mad Hatter out with a metal pole? Me too. In attempt to save Mary Margaret, Emma ended up tied up and knocked unconscious as well. However, that didn’t stop the Savior from saving the day. She managed to cut herself out of the trap and make her way to Mary Margaret. In the process, she manages to hit him and escape with her friend in tow.
  2. When Emma defeated Hook and got the compass: I freaking love Emma and Hook as a couple, but this scene was so funny and bad a**. Not only did she get the compass that she needed to return home, but she even defeated Hook in a sword fight. Emma Swan managed to beat a sword wielding pirate on her own. Not to mention giving him a nice punch in the face before walking away. Talk about some serious girl power.   
  3. When Emma went to the Underworld to save her true love: After Emma found out that Rumple had the darkness all to himself and therefore causing the death of Hook, Emma declared she would be going to the Underworld to save her man. She didn’t even think about the consequences or problems because she had her heart and mind set on bringing Hook back. She was even willing to go by herself. 
  4. When Emma was the Dark One: Pretty much all through 5A, you did not want to mess with her. She never really let the darkness get to her which shows a lot of strength on her part. Sure, there were moments when it consumed her, but ultimately, she pulled herself from it. With the help of Hook as well. And we can’t forget her throwing King Arthur against the tree!
  5. When Emma slayed a dragon: The woman slayed a damn dragon. I don’t even need to write about why that’s bad a**.
  6. When Emma let her walls down for a man who loves her: I think letting someone in when you’re closed off for so long is totally bad a**. Emma was stone cold in season 1-2 about the possibility of love. She refused to let anyone in for fear of getting hurt again. However, she found solace in her life when she realized she was falling in love with Hook. Emma Swan is no longer closed off thanks to him.