I Started Once Because…


I was late to the party. I started watching Once Upon a Time in December. I had just found out that there would be OUAT convention. I write for Hollywood News Source and my boss told me about the con and told me I should try to do press for it. So I started watching it. Plus, my coworkers kept telling me I should watch it. I deemed my winter break from school the perfect chance to watch it. Unfortunately I didn’t finish over break, so I devoted the next couple months binge watching. I was obsessed and my social life basically became nonexistent. Thankfully I was able to catch up right when season 5 returned from hiatus. Also, I got the press badge and will be reporting at the convention this upcoming weekend. No Colin won’t be there, but the OUAT cast is just the best, so I’m lucky to get to see them! I am super glad that I started watching it. I was never much into TV shows, but this show really hits me in the feels. Plus, I have met some awesome people from this fandom. Especially my cowriters for this blog! Okay, and maybe, just maybe, I started the show because I was told there was a hot character in it. *cough Killian* Also, I had just watched Fifty Shades of Grey (I write this with shame), and I heard that Jamie Dornan was in it. So I had to watch. I was pretty dang upset when he was killed off!

I remember it was a cold, snowy and icy December day. We were stuck in our house because the weather was too dangerous to go out into. So I set up my laptop with a bowl of popcorn and snuggled into my bed. I came down hours later….totally unaware that I watched about three episodes in one sitting. School started back up and I couldn’t think of much else besides coming home to keep watching. I was not lying when I said I was obsessed. I would come and watch a few episodes until I realized I had homework to do. Or I had to leave for work. The weekend before the hiatus returned, I ended up with the flu. It was the perfect day to lie on the couch and watch the rest of season 4. Then I realized I had absolutely no way of watching the first part of season 5. I was running out of time with only a week until hiatus was over. (I already knew Hook was dead. Dang spoilers!) I searched all over for the episodes, but nothing! Until a Hulu add popped up telling me I could have a week free of watching. And guess what? THEY HAD 5A! Now here I am, dedicated fan. And when I talk about it to people, they just give me this odd look. Mostly I get ‘I can’t believe you think Captain Hook is hot’. I can never get over the shock on people’s face when I tell them I’m in love with Hook. They simply don’t understand!


It all happened at the beginning of 2014 (call me crazy but I do remember the exact dates). During recess at school, my friends wouldn’t stop talking about certain TV show they had just started to watch. They made comments like “I’m on that episode when Cinderella makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin and she wants to leave town but she can’t because of the curse” and “Did you see that The Evil Queen’s mirror is also that guy from the newspaper?”, so I was really confused about it that I limited myself to listen to their awkward conversations while eating my sandwich.

I had already heard about Once Upon A Time before on Tumblr and on some T.V. commercials, but never took the time to pay attention to it. Anyways, the conversations went by and my friends kept talking about it non-stop while I was ironically trying to figure out how could Jiminy Cricket be the owner of Pongo. My friends told me I had to watch the show because they knew I was going to love it since I’m a Disney geek, and I’m very fond of fairytales. I wasn’t that convinced at first, but after listening to all those intriguing comments I told myself I had to watch it.

“I’m going to give the first episode a shot, but I can’t promise I’ll watch the rest,” I said to my pals before grinning at me.

So, on February 2, 2014 (told you I remembered the exact date) I was lying on my bed trying to study for next day’s French test when I decided to put my notebook aside and turn on the computer. “French can wait. Let’s watch that fairytale show and then return to studying.”

And then it happened. During the whole episode I swear I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I was so hooked on it that I didn’t even listen to my mother calling me twice. The worst thing was when I cried during the scene when Charming sees that baby Emma has already gone through the wardrobe and he closes his eyes, knowing she’s safe and sound. I swear that no T.V. show before had made me cry as much as I did that day.

By the end of the episode, right when Henry watches through his window how the clock starts moving, I realized that I had to keep watching the show no matter what. I was already obsessed with it and quickly pressed the “next episode” button. Guess who forgot about studying and had to learn tons of verb tenses in French an hour before the exam began.

I watched the following seasons during the days that followed (even though I was on exams) and caught up with the episodes just two weeks before the premiere of “New York City Serenade” (3×12).

I’m really grateful for having been introduced to Once Upon A Time. For real, I can’t imagine my life without it, much less living without my favorite couple, Captain Swan

But how I began to ship the pirate and the savior is another story 😉


How did you get started with the show? Comment below!