LOL! Our Favorite Funny Moment

While we can all agree we spend more time crying rather than laughing during an episode of Once Upon a Time, we can also agree there has been some laughable moments. Unfortunately those are not too often. But as I said, there have been some moments when you burst into fits of laugher. Usually because of Hook’s sarcastic comments or Regina’s sass or Emma’s shock at learning more about fairytales. Here are our favorite funny moments:


Do you remember that little adventure where Emma and Hook travelled to the Enchanted Forest of the past? And that scene where present Killian gets jealous of past Killian? Well, that messy situation would be my favorite funny moment of Once Upon A Time. 

You might already be thinking “Oh God, here goes Caro talking for the millionth time about something Captain Swan related”. Well, that’s true. And I’m very proud of that 😉

I swear that I laugh out loud every time I watch this scene. I know it might not be the big deal but damn, I can’t handle it (pun intended). 

Season 3 Finale (one of my fave episodes so far). Emma and Hook team up so they can return to their own time, apart from fixing things between her parents since she accidentally stopped them from meeting each another. In order to accomplish that, Emma has to use her feminine charms to distract past Hook so present Hook makes a deal with bandit Snow to steal Charming’s ring and the story can go back on track (wow, that sounded quite tangled. If someone who doesn’t watch the show reads this they would probably say I’m totally crazy). 

Anyways, I love Killian’s reaction as soon as Emma starts to reveal a little more of her cleavage hoping to get the Captain’s attention quicker. He’s like “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” and we can rapidly recognize the jealousy traveling through his veins. Obviously, Emma realizes such attitude and highlights it, teasing him a little bit. God, I love that scene! (Inserts many laughing emojis)

And, let’s not forget the moment when Emma kisses past Hook aboard the Rolly Joger (yes, I did that) and present Hook gets so mad at his past self that decides to knock him out! Emma is like WTF? But Killian feels much better after doing that because past Captain Hook was practically making out with the woman he fancies. 

Complicated? Quite! Memorable? Totally! Funny? Absolutely! 


Oh boy. Well, ‘New York City Serenade’ has a ton of funny moments. I seriously think that episode was the most light-hearted episode. As light-hearted as this show can get. Because if we’re being honest here, this show is kind of depressing. Yet I love it.

My favorite funny moment has to be when Hook crashes Emma’s date in NYC. You know, the one where Walsh proposed to her. (Ugh, Walsh) I like how he just casually sat down across from her and demanded her attention. Classic Hook.

What really made me laugh was the exchange between Emma and Hook:

Emma: You’re a crazy person or a liar or both.
Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?

I just loved how Hook was dead serious when he said the line. He was so unfazed, almost offended at her words. Amongst all the crazy going on in that episode, it was a welcomed relief to let out a laugh. But like I have probably stated tons of times on this blog, this episode was full of laughs. Okay, I guess I’ll share some more because let’s be real, this episode was gold.

Like when Hook said the most relatable thing ever:

I’ve been in my share of brigs but nothing as barbaric as these. They force fed me something called bologna.

Or when he got super offended by Henry:

Why are you dressed like that?

Why are YOU dressed like that!?

Or this awkward exchange:

There he is officers. The man who assaulted me.

It was just a kiss.

Oh. He even admitted it.



With Once Upon A Time entering its sixth season very soon, we have experienced many things on the show. One of the aspects of OUAT I love most is the humour. Each episode, there is always something that makes me laugh, whether it is meant to or not. So it was hard for me personally to think of one scene that makes me laugh the most. Cruella to me is one of the funniest characters I believe has come to the show, but my favourite funniest moment goes to #CaptainCharmingSwan (is this even a thing lol).

Before I explain why, I just want to say I sincerely hope we get more scenes with just the three of them this upcoming season. I love protective #DaddyCharming and of course the #CaptainCharming bromance is always strong.

This funny moment dates all the way back to season 3B; episode thirteen, Witch Hunt written by the lovely Jane Espenson.

Whenever I watch this episode, the scene at the town-line between Emma, Killian and David feat Robin Hood and his Merry Men is something I just find hysterical. Part of the reason for this is Colin’s facial expressions and the fact that Killian rats Emma out to her dad that she was almost engaged, something that Emma had clearly intended to keep private. Jen’s facial expression in response to Killian was gold as well, not to mention David’s reaction.

In case you can’t remember; Robin is basically explaining to the three of them that a flying beast took Little John over the town line and Emma notes loudly that it sounds like the same creature that attacked her in New York. Killian is quick to respond with; “You mean the monster you were gonna marry?”

His expression is like one of a guilty and naughty child ratting out a secret to someone’s parents. He gives Emma a wide innocent eyed look and before the camera cuts to Emma, you can briefly see a small, satisfied smile cross his face. Emma’s expression in return resembles one of an annoyed child as she takes a deep breath and quickly looks away from Killian.

When the camera focuses back on Hook and David, Hook is still wearing the same innocent and amused look, whilst David appears to be shocked and in protective mode with his hands on his hips. David instantly questions Emma about her getting married. Hook immediately turns to David and is clearly still amused as he asks David whether he heard the part where he said monster. And then Robin comes in and breaks the awkward tension asking whether they are going to find Little John or not. (Which I also found quite amusing).

To me, this scene was just funny because of the way Killian dobs Emma in to her father, Emma getting all embarrassed and quiet, whilst David clearly goes into protective dad mode. Like I said above, I think what makes this scene so funny is Jennifer’s, Colin’s and Josh’s facial expressions.

I hope we get a lot more scenes of the three of them together. We would definitely be in for a lot more laughs, especially after the tease that Charming and Killian will spend more time together this season!


So many funny moments on the show, but all that is retaining in my memory right now are scenes with Cruella De Vil. Victoria Smurfet was such a great addition to the show, I am so sad to see her go.

Her love for Gin in so real.

But, this is Once Upon a Time…people always come back. 😉 (cough, Robin Hood…)
Anyways–funny moments FT. Cruella De Vil
When she seduces Charming in the Sheriffs Station (5×15)–
And another fav because I couldn’t pick one…
It’s brief, but had me in some serious giggles. During the bittersweet episode that is Last Rites (5×21), Cruella gets tracked down in the Underworld by Hook and King Arthur for “help”…okay, but when is she ever helpful?
“Oh back up.”
“Seriously…back up.”
She was just saying what we were all really thinking…And I love her for it.
ALSO, Cruella/James related but also relating to our favorite Savior(5×19)–
“Mummy is very proud of you and I will show you how much later on.”
EMMA’S FACE. I. Died. ahahahahah

Fourth of July in Storybrooke

Happy 4th of July! In honor of today’s holiday, I will write a themed one shot.

Snow spreads out blankets scattered through the park. As the mayor, Regina agreed to have a fireworks show for the Fourth of July. With the recent events of Storybrooke, Snow thought it would be best to have a celebration to clear everyone’s heads. David sits on a blanket with baby Neal in his arms.

The night is growing dark, the Sun setting overhead. Emma and Killian walk hand-in-hand. Killian walks towards David as Emma makes her way to Snow. She smiles at her mom, giving her a light hug.

“You really went all out,” Emma tells Snow. “Has Henry showed up yet?”

Snow shakes her head. “As long as he’s staying with Regina, it’s a given they’ll be late.”

“Of course,” Emma nods her head in agreement. “Because a Queen is never early.”

Emma puts her hand on her mom’s shoulder before making her way back to Killian. He’s sitting beside David on a blanket as Neal wails loudly. Emma sits beside Killian, reaching over to take her crying brother from her father. She rocks him slightly back and forth.

“You’re a natural, Swan.” Killian takes one of Neal’s hands in his, smiling down at the kid.

She smirks at him. “Well.”

Henry comes running toward them with Regina in tow. It still surprises Emma how much of a child he is when he can also be such an angsty teen. He sits down on the blanket in front of them, facing them all. Snow comes over now, greeting people as they walk past. Regina looks distastefully at everyone sitting on the ground.

“I should have brought a chair,” she remarks.

Killian rolls his eyes. “Well your majesty, we must have forgotten your royal throne.”

Emma bumps him with her shoulder. “Sitting on the ground watching is the only way to do Fourth of July.”

“Maybe back in wherever you grew up.”

Snow takes Neal back into her arms, snuggling him close. It’s a bit cool tonight, but a perfect night nonetheless. Emma scoots back into Killian’s arm and he rests his head atop hers. Regina pulls Henry close to her side. The fireworks begin to shoot off in the sky. Bursts of color explode, making it a magical sight.

One of the dwarves lets out a loud shriek at the loudness of the fireworks. Grumpy then begins yelling at him to calm down. Killian rubs his hand down Emma’s arms, mesmerized by the fireworks display. Being at sea most of his life didn’t give him the chance to enjoy such simple activities. Of course, the Enchanted Forest wasn’t exactly well-known for their fireworks display. I doubt many of Storybrooke’s residents are all that familiar with them. Well, besides Emma. She leans against Killian, letting out a small sigh. He can see the look of love in her eyes every time she looks at Henry and Neal. It makes him wonder if she would want another child. It’s something Killian has thought about. To have a child with the woman he loves. Hopefully they would turn out to be more like Emma than himself.

Twenty minutes later, the last firework goes off. Everyone starts packing up their belongings. Henry helps Regina from the grass and she mumbles something about her wrinkled skirt.

Killian pulls Emma up with the help of his hook. She looks tired, so he puts his arm around her shoulders and they start walking home. The dwarves are all arguing about something as they head back into the town. David and Snow gather the last of the blankets and walk back to their loft.

The sounds of fireworks sound in the distance. The sky a beautiful blackness with stars illuminating the sky.

3 Things I Learned From ‘Once Upon a Time’

  1. True love can be found in the most unlikely of places: One of my favorite aspects of the show is the romance between couples. I do realize that the show is not centered around romance, but Adam and Eddy have created powerful portrayals of love. Not just any love but true love. And each true love pairing was unlikely and complex- which I adored. Emma fell in love with Killian who was a former pirate and villain. Snow fell in love with a prince who aggravated her. Regina fell in love with a man “who smells like forest” and was a thief. Somehow, each couple was able to set aside their differences to give in to love. A Savior and a pirate. A bandit and a prince. A queen and a thief. All unlikely loves with an amazing story. True love conquers all!

2. Woman are just as strong as men: The female empowerment is strong on this show. The women kick some serious butt and are not overshadowed by their male counterparts. They are treated as individuals, not sidekicks to the men. Emma constantly saves Hook. Snow has saved Charming. Regina has saved Robin. We see in each female character some serious strength. Whether it be physically or mentally. The women on this show are not afraid of any fight…or monster.

3. Redemption is possible: Okay I know I said the true love thing was my favorite aspect, but I lied. The redemption arcs in the show are so great! My favorite, and I might be biased because I love him, but Hook’s redemption arc was so strong. He was ruthless and arrogant, but when he found Emma, that all disappeared. Sure he has some moments of pirate, but he’s changed for the better. Love has changed him. From a man that killed his own father, to a man who saved an entire town from the Underworld. (yes, he did save them. That was the Dark One talking when he tried to banish them). Then we can’t forget Regina’s powerful redemption. From an evil queen who murdered villages, to a hero. The strength of her loves, Henry and Robin, changed her for the better. Like Hook, she still has bits of malice in her, but she has dramatically changed.


Favorite Arc: Watch Us Fangirl

Beware: fangirling ahead. But you already probably guessed that. In today’s post, we disclosed what our favorite arc has been throughout Once Upon a Time’s run: Neverland, Frozen, and Camelot/Dark Swan. Watch us fangirl over our favorite arcs below! (I (Madeline) apologize for my awkwardness !)

Emily: Neverland Arc

Carolina: Frozen Arc

Madeline: Camelot/Dark Swan Arc

Season 3: Our Favorite Episodes

I (Madeline) love doing these group posts because you see the different writings and our different thoughts on the show. So, I decided we each pick a favorite episode of ours in each season. Yes, I do realize that I started with season 3, but that’s the kind of girl I am. Who plays by the rules anymore? (Okay, I do.) It’s just that I adore season 3; therefore, I decided to write about it first. Let’s be real, season 3 is the holy grail of the show. Thankfully, all four of us had a different episode in mind! Read below to see Emily, Carolina, Joanna, and my favorite episodes of season 3:

Madeline: 3×12 ‘New York City Serenade’

This episode is my all-time favorite because it’s not only setting up for a new arc, but it has some hilarious lines. Not to mention, Hook is chilling around NYC in a pirates outfit. Also, Emma’s outfits are super cute.

Emma and Henry are living their curse free life in NYC until Hook returns to try to make Emma remember Storybrooke. He tries to jog his memory by locking lips with her, but she knees him in a place that I’m sure didn’t feel too good. He also attempts to have her drink something, in which she promptly says: “drink the thing the crazy guy offered me? No thank you”.  We later find out that Emma is getting serious with some dude who is definitely not Hook. While Emma is on a date with Walsh (ugh Walsh), Hook somehow manages to find her and make her listen to him. In which Emma responds “you’re a crazy person person or a liar or both”. To which Hook says: “I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel…?” This scene was my ultimate favorite!

Then of course there’s the scene where Emma has Hook arrested for assaulting her. Good times, good times. Emma soon has a change of heart, wanting to hear out Hook. So, she breaks him free from the ‘brigs’, and Hook is appalled by the place because they force fed him ‘something called bologna’. I definitely don’t blame him; bologna is nasty. Emma drinks the potion, and soon, her past comes rushing back to her. Hook and Emma decide to leave for Storybrooke the next morning to save the town and her family. Of course, Henry thinks Hook is some crazy perp and questions his clothing. That exchange was hilarious because Hook got so offended. How dare you insult Hook’s clothing!

Hook (in all of his hotness), Emma, and Henry leave for Storybrooke. Shortly after Walsh tries to kill her. That awkward moment when you find out you’ve been dating a monkey! They arrive back in town and Hook finally can screw his hook back on. Swoon, when he flicks Emma’s hair with his hook…aw.

I loved so much of this episode. I loved how they were back in the Enchanted Forest and acted like a team. I loved the Captain Swan exchanges. I loved the dialogue. I loved the introduction to Zalena. “The queen may be evil, but I’m wicked and wicked always wins.” Love that quote!

Emily: 3×05 ‘Good Form’

I think we can all agree on the fact that Season 3 is one of our favorite seasons to date. I come to you with a specific purpose today, and that is to discuss 3×05 “Good Form” (aka The beginning of the rest of our lives).

So many things happened in this episode–where do I begin? First of all, lets just get one thing out of the way: it happened. Emma and Hook finally lock lips in the first of many passionate embraces to break the internet. Did you squeal? I know I did. At this point their “true love” had not been confirmed, but lets be clear on one thing: it’s hot. The way she grabbed his leather jacket…excuse me I need a moment.
“Good Form” was not only an important episode for the us fangirls, but for the show. It revolved around our dear pirate, showing us the good ol’ days of two handed navy lieutenant Killian Jones. We learn about his brother Liam, who was an idiot trying to prove a point and caused his own death, and it leads us back to the budding romance that is Captain Charming. 
Can you see why this is my favorite yet?
So not only do we get to see about Hook’s past, and what turned him into the dashing rapscallion he is today–we get to see a heroic side of him when he ventures to help save David, a romantic side with Emma (I’m still drooling), and the change from his submissive old naval days to this headstrong hunk of a pirate we all love so dearly.
So basically this Hook centric episode was one to die for (thankfully Liam took the plunge for us).

Caro: 3×21/22 ‘Snow Drifts’/’There’s No Place Like Home’

Perhaps my favorite episode from season 3 might be too cliché, but I can’t help it. Yes, I’m talking about the season finale (5×21 “Snow Drifts” and 5×22 “There’s No Place Like Home”), better known by its colorful moniker as “The Captain Swan movie”. 
It was a two-hour special in which Emma -thanks to the journey to the Enchanted Forest of the past- finally realized that Storybrooke was her home, that being with her family and friends was something she needed and wanted, and of course, when she finally let Killian bring her walls down, opening her heart to him (I swear it’s been the moment I’ve fangirled the most in the whole show). 
Another of my favorite scenes? The ball at Midas’s castle. It was lovely to see “Prince Charles” and “Princess Leia” dancing across the ballroom wearing fancy clothes, and more when it was her first dance ever (awww). 
But it wasn’t only the cuteness of Emma and Hook which characterized the season finale. The Rumbelle wedding scene was phenomenal! I mean, it was perfect listening to Belle and Rumple saying their vows, which fitted not only them but also the rest of the couples as we saw some romantic scenes of them as well.
What about the official announcement of the baby’s name? Totally cute! Maybe too obvious, but still cute.
Of course not everything was happy (it’s OUAT, come on. Adam and Eddy never give us an episode with 100% of happiness). We saw OutlawQueen’s course take a sudden and unexpected turn when Marian (well, Zelena, but we had no idea then) was brought from the past. Regina did go mad that time! How could she not? She was starting to experience love again and suddenly it all crumbled.
And then, the last seconds of the finale… Holy cheese!! I definitely didn’t expect Elsa to come out of that vase, but as soon as she froze it I started to freak out (I think I even spat out the water I was drinking). I’m a big fan of the movie, so imagine my excitement when I realized that the Queen of Arendelle was going to Storybrooke! That and the fact that Emma and Hook were finally together made me pass out. Several times. Yeah. God. I need help.

Joanna: 3×20 ‘Kansas’

“Kansas”, is definitely one for the Captain Swan record books. Conversations about Emma’s future in Storybrooke, Emma choosing to save Hook over keeping her magic, and Hook being present for a special moment for the Charming family were fluttered throughout the episode, painting smiles onto the faces of Captain Swan shippers everywhere.

I, as a viewer, adored the scene where Hook questions Emma about why she wants to leave, and he concludes it’s because she can see a future in Storybrooke. “A happy one.” Emma simply responds with: “let me guess, with you?”. Unbeknownst to the viewers in that moment of time, it was a big  foreshadowing for 5×08, when Emma chooses that she wants Killian to be a part of her happy ending.

The scene that followed this one, only continued to get more captivating. Zelena went on to command Mr. Gold to throw Hook into a well and attempt to drown him. The only way that Hook could be saved would be for Emma to kiss him, which would remove all her powers. Despite thinking at that moment that she wouldn’t be able to defeat Zelena, Emma leans down and kisses Killian awake, and he splutters out the water moments later. Emma looks relived that he is okay, but Killian touches his lips and looks shocked and slightly angry that she chose him.

My favorite scene from Kansas, and still a favorite to this date, is the hospital scene. Emma watches as her mother is reunited with her baby, and Hook appears in the hallway behind Emma. Even though this is a family affair, Emma doesn’t tell him to leave and doesn’t look annoyed at the fact he’s there. They share a few laughs together, and when he thanks her, Emma is surprised to learn that Killian thought she’d let him drown, given their history together. To me, Emma definitely had strong feelings for Killian here. Killian then asks her about her magic, and Emma tells him that she is still planning to go back to New York when this is all over, which Killian looks saddened by. Once again, he isn’t asked to leave when Emma and Henry join David and Snow, and he watches onwards at the family reunion with a small smile, which also makes me believe this is foreshadowing for a Captain Swan baby in the future.

Kansas was a great development for Captain Swan. We got proof that Emma does have feelings for Hook, and giving up such a big part of her, her magic, to save him, is one of the most romantic and feel-worthy things I’ve witnessed on the show.


A Father’s Labour of Love:Emma & Charming

Today’s one shot is about Charming and Emma!

“Why couldn’t you have bough a desk already built?” Charming fumbles with the parts of the cherry oak desk Emma bought at a store in the city. She found it in a catalogue and knew she had to have it. Killian surprised her by ordering it through the mail and picking it up at the town closest to Storybrooke. A town that actually received mail from the real world.

Emma scans through the directions again. “Because that would be no fun.”

“Then why couldn’t Hook have helped?” Charming complains as he grabs the hammer.

“Oh I don’t know,” Emma crosses her arms across her chest. “Maybe because he only has one hand.”

Charming glares over at his daughter. Just because she know has a boyfriend doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need him. In  a way, it makes him thankful that she still does need her dad. Missing out on 28 years of her life, putting together a desk is the least he could do. Of course him missing out on her life wasn’t his fault. The blame all goes to Regina. Or more likely the Evil Queen. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Emma gets off from the floor, dusting off her shorts. “I’ll go see if Killian might be of some assistance. Can’t guarantee anything though. You know Killian and modern day things. Plus, he’ll probably complain that he only has one hand.”

Charming continues putting, or trying to put, together the desk while Emma fetches Killian from the garage. He’s trying to clean out the garage with Henry. Now that Henry is a teenager, Emma’s starting to give him bigger responsibilities around the house. Although, he spends most of his time at Regina’s house. She’s been taking Robin’s death hard, and she needs to be with others. Her son is the only one who will keep her from going dark again.

Killian comes into the house with Emma in tow. He takes in the sight of Charming sprawled out on the floor. Raising an amused eyebrow, he smirks over at Emma. “Aye mate, I’ve come to rescue you.”

“I don’t need a pirate to rescue me,” Charming mumbles, inspecting the piece in his hand.

“And here I thought you both made amends and are now mates,” Emma rests her hand against her stomach. “Ow.”

Killian’s at her side at once, putting his hand over hers’. “What is it, love?”

She shakes her head. “Probably nothing. Just a random stomach cramp.”

Charming takes in the sight of his distressed daughter and his mate. He sets down the piece he’s holding. “Snow had those pains when she was pregnant with Neal.”

Killian’s eyes nearly bug out of his head. “She’s not pregnant.”

“Of course I’m not pregnant!” Emma snaps at both men. “Now, can you both figure out this desk please? I’ll get you something to drink.”

Killian catches Emma by her forearm with his hook. “Swan, are you sure you’re not…?”

Charming stands beside Killian, a protective look on his face. “Seriously, Emma, you should go to the doctor.”

“Stop acting like I’m a  little girl. I think I would know if I was pregnant.”

“Mom…?” Henry walks into the living room covered in webs. The garage was in worse shape than anyone thought. Being in the Underworld all that time didn’t exactly help the cleaning of the house. The dwarves were supposed to make sure everything was in keeping, but obviously it got lost in translation.

Charming drags a hand down his face, watching his daughter’s face. She looks worried.

Emma throws her hands in the air. “Go outside, Henry.  I just have a stomach ache is all.”

She retreats into the kitchen while the two men stare at the pieces of the desk on the ground. No progress has been made in the last half an hour. Charming is ready to give up and see if one of the dwarves knows how to put it together. They’re handy with axes; they should be able to put together a measly desk. Then again, so should he. Killian scratches his temple with his hand, staring at the manual as if it’s in another language.

“This is quite the contraption.”

“Hook, I think Emma’s not telling you something.” Charming gives him a stern expression.

Killian glances at the entry way to make sure Emma isn’t around. “You think that…she’s pregnant?”

Charming nods his head. “Even though Zalena cast that curse to make us forget about that year, I know Snow wasn’t always well.”

“Why would she bloody keep this from me?”

“Maybe you need to talk to her. In private.”

Emma walks back into the room with a weak smile on her face. “I need to go to the store to get some more drinks, but we had some lemonade left.”

“Let me go, love. Your father and you should finish this. We need to talk later.” Killian kisses Emma’s cheek lightly before leaving the house.

She claps her hands together. “I’m assuming he was no help.”

“Listen,” Charming gestures for Emma to sit down on the couch. “Is there something you need to talk to someone about? Maybe your mother?”

“Dad, it’s nothing. If it was something, I would tell everyone.” Emma brushes her blonde hair out of her face. It’s getting longer, and now that summer is upon Storybrooke, she needs to get some of it cut.

He puts his arm around his daughter. “Just know that if you ever have news of any kind-”

She cuts him off. “You’ll be the first one to know. Now, let’s get this thing together so we can put it in Henry’s room. With him being the author now, I think he deserves an official author desk.”

“Good thinking,” he laughs, getting back to work.

Emma smiles at her father. “Oh and Dad?”

He raises his head to look up at her. “Yes?”

“Thank you,” she retreats out of the room so she doesn’t start crying in front of her father. There is a secret that she’s hiding from him. But she wants Killian to be the first to know. And telling him in front of her dad isn’t the best time to tell him the news. She rests her hand against her stomach. She may be only two months in, but she can already tell that the baby is starting to take shape. Doctor Wale told her she would be able to find out the sex of the baby in a few weeks. This pregnancy is a lot different than we she was pregnant with Henry. She was alone then, but she’s no longer a lost girl.

For one, she has a man who loves her and won’t abandon her. Plus, her whole family is with her now. She’s ready to raise this baby; there’s no doubt about that. She examines the engagement ring on her hand. When Killian bought it for her, after she proposed to him, she was overcome with so much happiness. She would have never imagined she would fall in love with a reformed villain and pirate. But her life was anything but normal. She knew Killian would be ecstatic when she told him the news. Who cares if she might not be able to fit into her dream wedding dress? The only thing that matters is that Killian and her are promised a forever. They almost weren’t.

She leans against the door frame to the living room where her dad sits putting together the desk. He’s made some progress with it. A smile touches her lips. He’ll be so happy to find out he’ll have another grandchild to spoil. But first, Killian needs to know the truth.



In Season 6 We Need…

Hiatus…oh how I despise hiatus. After Sunday’s finale, I have compiled a list of things that need to happen in season 6. Granted, they’re little things, but still things that absolutely need to happen!

Domestic Captain Swan: Who doesn’t want to see Emma and Hook in a moment of bliss? Maybe a scene where they’re eating breakfast and drinking coffee. (Actually drinking coffee, not the code word of coffee the fandom uses). Maybe Hook tries to figure out how to use a waffle iron. And if he can’t, he would swing by Granny’s and pretend that he made them. We just need some cute, quiet moments for these two. Or, you know, have them wake up beside each other…

Regina v Evil Queen: Oh man. I know Lana told us at the convention I reported at that the Evil Queen would be coming out to play, but I did not expect this twist. I hope we get a showdown or something between them. I just hope with the Evil Queen gone from Regina that she doesn’t lose her sass. Off the record, I totally think Regina is going to have to sacrifice herself to defeat the Evil Queen. Seems like something that would happen.

Someone grounding Henry: Honestly, that kid is the definition of teenage boy. I get it, I’m still a teenager too and I’m around teenage boys. Granted, we’re older teens, but I get it. But still. Henry needs a good grounding. At least from his phone or his author pen. He did run away to New York City, almost trapped his family in a crazy land, and belittled Emma. If that doesn’t call for grounding, I don’t know what does. Maybe they do things differently in Storybrooke. I really just find Henry annoying, not going to lie.

Emma and Hook reminiscing on their past: I was rewatching old scenes, as you do, and I forgot about some things. Like the bean stalk scene and how Emma left Hook with the giant. Or when she jabbed him in the ribs after he got hit by that car. Or how flirty he was and his little inappropriate comments. Ah, season 2. Also, I want some closure and talk on the Dark Ones dilemma. (Can I just say how much I loved Dark Captain Swan?)

A family dinner: How bloody awesome would that be?

Emma finally showing Killian Peter Pan: It’s something we have all been waiting for. Ever since Hook said: “I take it from your tone that perms and waxed mustaches aren’t a good thing.” I can just imagine his disdain when he sees the Disney version of Captain Hook on the screen. We need this scene!

Rumple getting his just desserts: Dude has it coming to him. I, for one, do not believe he should get his happy ending. Belle needs to leave him and he needs to lose everything. I don’t know, am I being too harsh?

What would you love to see in season 6? Sound off below!


6 Unforgettable Romantic Moments on OUAT

Once Upon a Time is a show based on fairytales. It’s only logical that us Oncers have been hit with some intense feels from very romantic moments on the show. From Snowing’s reunion at the end of season 1 to the meadow scene in Camelot with CaptainSwan. It’s not a surprise that while romance is not the sole driving point of the show, it sure is a big part of it. Every fairytale deserves a breathtaking romance, and that is exactly what Once Upon a Time gives fans. I shall try my very hardest to not go all CaptainSwan, but I’m sorry, that’s incredibly difficult for me. Here’s my favorite romantic moments:

When Snow and Charming were reunited after the evil curse is broken in season 1: We all know that this will forever be the most sincere moment in the show. Snow and Charming were separated for 28 years. They had no idea they were even married. In Storybrooke, it was just David and Mary Margaret. David was married to that chick Katherine. Mary Margaret longed for David, but he wasn’t hers to have. Then Emma lifted the curse and Snowing was reunited. It was so heartfelt and beautiful because they had been separated for such a long time. And not only that, they were reunited with their daughter whom they never met. (I searched so hard for a gif but couldn’t find one!)

When Hook revealed he sold the Jolly Roger for Emma: You know this episode, it’s what the fandom calls the CaptainSwan movie. In this scene, we learn that the Jolly Roger is no longer in Hook’s possession. The moment Emma asks where it is, the fandoms’ hearts just drop. Hook sold his boat for Emma. In our world, that may seem like a weird gesture of love, but in Storybrooke, Hook selling his boat was super powerful. It was the only thing he had that he really cared for, but his affection for Emma was stronger.

When Robin sacrificed himself for Regina: OutlawQueen never had it easy. With his wife coming back, it was bit of a dilemma for those two. But I loved their dynamics and how cute their relationship was. I remember Sean saying that he enjoyed the quiet parts of their relationship because it wasn’t easy. Despite all that, they made it work. For me, even though this scene was heartbreaking, it was a true testament of love. Robin died for Regina. He didn’t even think about the consequences, he just acted. That is so powerful.

When Hook told Emma she was his happy ending: Shoutout to my mutual on Twitter for reminding me of this scene. How could I have forgotten though? Those power words of Hook saying: “don’t you know, Emma? It’s you,” when Emma questioned what his happy ending was. He was so sure in that moment that he would lose his happy ending forever because he was once a villain. Turns out Hook redeemed himself and was no longer considered a villain. That scene was beautiful and heartbreaking and gave me all the feels.

When Hook helped distract Emma from the darkness and promised her happiness: Ah, season 5A. Hook never left Emma’s side when she was the Dark One. He didn’t turn in fear, he wanted nothing more than to help her. He ensured her that when they got back home, he would try everything to get his Swan back. He promised her a future. Then he gave her his brother’s ring. This was such a true testament of his love considering Killian’s brother meant the world to him. But so does Emma. While in Camelot, Killian made sure to take Emma’s mind off the darkness. The meadow of flowers kiss was so beautiful. Killian made her forgot, maybe only for a moment, but you do anything for the person you love. They’re just so perfect!

When Emma told Hook she loved him at the end of the season 5 finale: I know that they’ve said these three small words already, but this meant so much. Emma’s walls are completely down thanks to Killian. She was never able to confess her love unless they were running from curses or on the brink of death. This ‘I love you’ was completely normal. For a moment, it was blissful. Killian brings her happiness and hope. She knows that more than ever now. It was cute how she went about it. She was so nonchalant, but so confident about it. The fandom may have been disappointed it wasn’t an engagement or proposal to move in together (I was too), but it was so much more. Emma’s walls have been destroyed in a great way. Can you even handle the cuteness (hotness) of these two?

So which romantic scenes really stick out in your mind? One I didn’t list?


‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Finale Review

Last night was the season 5 finale of Once Upon a Time. I have always been impressed with the finales for this show, but this finale fell short for me. To be honest, I barely even remember what happened in both episodes. Besides the snarky comments made by Hook and Zalena. Oh, and of course Emma and Hook’s cuteness! Nonetheless, I am still amazed at the creativity and originality that Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis has delivered fans with.Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a Time

‘Only You’ centered around Henry and Violet mostly. Which, okay, it’s cute puppy dog love, but it was boring. The episode starts with Emma and Killian returning from their reunion. Emma tells Killian to wait outside of Granny’s to break the news to Regina. However, the town lights and shakes and Killian comes running in to see if Emma was okay. Everyone is abuzz with how the heck Killian is alive. Which then we get a Captain Charming hug, so it’s all good.

Emma and the gang go to scope out the source of the flashing light. Surprise, surprise, it’s just Rumple. On a quest to stop Rumple, Emma suggests to Regina that she sit this one out, which Regina refuses. Soon enough, Henry takes Violet with him to New York to end magic all together. His moms chase after him, trying to find him before Rumple can. Why waste time driving to NYC when all three of them have magic?

Meanwhile, Zalena opens a portal to send the Camelot visitors back home. Only she can’t close the portal and her, the Charmings, and Hook get pulled through. They end up on the property of a mental hospital. It doesn’t turn out well for the heroes because they’re promptly thrown into a strange cage. After the crazy dude chokes Killian (honestly, can the guy get a break? He’s been trough hell and back. Literally.) Jeckyll then seperates himself from Hyde and the heroes battle the crazy man. Hook puts his hook to use to kick some butt while Zalena uses her magic. We later learn they are in the hands of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Intersting choice, I would have to say.

Back in NYC, Emma and Regina find Henry and Violet in the library where they’ve discovered the holy grail or whatever it was they were looking for. Prior to finding them, Rumple knocked the two kiddos out. Did Henry really think he could fight the Dark One? LOL, kid. Now would have been a wonderful time to lecture Henry for running away, but nope.

But finding Rumple wasn’t so hard considering he was holding some kind of satanic ritual in his hotel room to wake Belle. When he summons the power, he chooses to save the crystal wand instead of his wife. Need I even comment on this? Nope, won’t get into that.

As the episodes progress, Henry has decided to suck the power out of the world. Yep, this is a huge problem considering his family is still stuck in the other realm. I get it, kids make mistakes, but that was just stupid. By this point, I am totally done with Henry. I ever really did like the kid because I always thought he was kind of annoying. Not to mention, he treats Emma like his punching bag, lashing out on her. First Regina lashing out on her and telling her that she wanted to ‘rip Hook’s throat out’, then Henry. So, the Swan/Mills gang have a major problem on their hands. Tension is at an all time high.

Turns out the Dragon was no help either. So, sorry I’m not a New York girl, so I don’t know the name of the fountain, but they all surround the wising fountain. This is where Henry tells Emma that he would throw a penny in the fountain and wish for Emma’s happiness when they lived in NYC. Then a  few days later Hook found Emma. Yay! This gives them an idea. Henry mounts the stairs and gets everyone to throw a penny in the fountain to help find the rest of his family. Sure enough, out comes Zalena, Killian, the Charmings and Jeckyll from the fountain. Naturally, the sane people of NYC assumed it was all an act.

Before the family returns to Storybrooke, Regina decides to use the injection that separated Jeckyll from Hyde. The Evil Queen appears in front of Regina, and Emma and Snow tell her she needs to end her. So Regina crushes the Evil Queen’s heart. We’re all happy and well. For now at least. Side note: I love Regina, but she created the Evil Queen. It was born in her; it wasn’t some curse she was under. She chose that fate.

While the gang heads back home, Rumple makes a deal with Hyde. Oh great, just what the town needs, another crazy maniac. Before heading into Granny’s, Emma pulls Killian aside. I totally thought we would get a proposal or even an invite to move into together, but we got something else. Emma tells Killian that she loves him. Now, this may seem like a little thing. I mean, they have confessed their love for one another, but this was different. They weren’t facing death or darkness, Emma just wanted to tell him she loved him. It was simple, but those two never had it easy. Also, it was the cutest kiss they have ever shared! All hail the CaptainSwan lift kiss!


All is happy, and I’m feeling good about my OTP. However, it wouldn’t be Once without something bad happening in the last five seconds of the finale. Reverting back to NYC, the Evil Queen appears in front of the Dragon. The episode ends right as she crushes his heart. Looks like we’ll be getting a Regina v. Evil Queen battle next season. Not only is the Evil Queen back, but Hyde is in Storybrooke too. This can’t look too good for the heroes.

My theory is that Regina will only be able to defeat the Evil Queen by also defeating herself. And maybe we’ll also have a scene where the Evil Queen crashes CaptianSwan’s wedding. I for one loved the Evil Queen! Also, the fandom royally  deserves a scene of relaxed bliss for Hook and Emma. Hopefully we won’t get anymore of everyone guilt tripping Emma. And maybe someone grounding Henry. 😛

Rating: 6/10

Once Upon a Time season 6 returns to ABC in the fall. No reason you can’t binge the first 5 seasons though!

Once Upon A Time: “Firebird” Review

By: Carolina

The 20th episode of Season 5 was one of the most emotional and intense of the series, showing us not only a dramatic goodbye scene with Emma and Killian, but also the Lord of the Underworld with an ace up his sleeve, not having changed his sinister plans even though he received a true love’s kiss from Zelena. My heart aches after such angst -I don’t even know how I’m able to write this- but let’s make a recap of how our favorite heroes and villains lived the unexpected and stressing moments in last Sunday’s episode:

The Emma flashback was quite meaningful in the character’s life. I mean, Cleo helped Emma become not only that badass bail bondsperson, but also taught her to use an armor to protect herself, to be more rational than emotional. In my opinion, it’s good to have both of them. You can’t always lead yourself through tough situations by only thinking with your mind, sometimes it’s good to also let your heart guide you.

OUAT 5x20 Emma ArmorAnyways, it was gloomy to see Cleo not making it after escaping from the cops, and more when Emma learned that she had been in the same situation: Cleo had given up her child years ago, empathizing with the situation Emma was living as well. So in some way, they were more alike than they thought. The end of the flashback was both sweet and fantastic, Emma telling Tasha about her mother and getting her own armor: the well-known red jacket we all love.

I definitely liked to see those Rumple-Pan scenes. It’s interesting to see how torn and tricky their relationship is, catching certain tension and rage between them. When Rumple took Robin’s heart I definitely hated Rumple. However, when he told his father that he had actually placed a glamour spell on the “heart” and returned Robin his, I felt not only relieved but satisfied. This of course does not justify Gold’s evil ways to get what he wants, but at least he didn’t mess up everything. Seems like we have already seen the last of the former Neverland ruler.

And what about the heroes wanting to help the residents of the Underworld move on? Excellent decision, Henry. I have to admit he’s worthy of being the Author. It’s all about helping others and not thinking selfishly, which I believe it’s one of the greatest messages of the show.

We also saw more of the sisterhood between Regina and Zelena, which I have become very fond of. It’s nice to see them act like a real family after two seasons of wanting to break one another’s neck and destroy the other’s happiness. Robin, on the other hand, was not that convinced when Regina told him to trust The Wicked Witch when it came to hand her their baby. It was hard for him and it’s completely understandable. How many things has Zelena done to them, always deceiving them time after time? I just hope that this perspective changes because, in my honest opinion, I do think that Zelena is changing (let’s just see what happens on next episode since the promo showed a not so friendly Zelena).


Hades! I can’t believe he was willing to leave the heroes back in “Underbrooke”, not caring about them even though he had a deal with them. The only good thing he did was remove their names from the tombstones, but apart from that, he was very determined to get to Storybrooke no matter what. I guess that Zelena wasn’t right at all, love didn’t change the Lord of the Underworld and that is going to bring catastrophic consequences, very likely to include a broken hearted Zelena.

Now, let’s get to the part that made me fangirl but also broke my heart, the highlight of the episode. Emma and Hook ventured themselves to the deepest part of the Underworld with the hope of feeding him with the fruit of Ambrosia so he could finally go home. OUAT tells us Orpheus and Eurydice’s story in a different way than in the original mythology, but it still kept its essence. I love how the show has included Greek stories and the way they have linked them to the core characters.

The True Love test was something I did not expect and for that, I feel marvelously in love with how the writers put it. Unlike the rest, this test was about choosing the one you loved above your own life, which made that moment a magnificent and unique one.

The pirate and the savior sharing one of the most painful and touching farewells in history made me sob uncontrollably the rest of the night. Seriously, how many times do we have to go through this before Captain Swan finally gets a happy, peaceful, angst-free moment? I do hope it’s soon, otherwise my shipper heart won’t be able to handle it.

OUAT 5x20 Emma Hook Bye

Once Upon A Time’s “Firebird” exceeded my expectations, not only for the fact that we had many Captain Swan moments, but also because we got to see a significant time in Emma’s life that left a mark on her. I do like how Henry is getting more and more into his author role and I hope we get to see more of this. My only worry right now is Hades, because he has lied to Zelena and for sure will turn her against her sister and the rest of the heroes.

Finally, I’d like to express how crazy I went with the promo for next week’s episode. We’re not only getting a lot of disagreements between the characters, but also a devastating scene of a funeral, Killian Jones’s funeral! We do know he’s coming back; the question is HOW?

Yeah, it’s gonna be a hard week until Sunday arrives.

Rating: 9.5/10

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 7/8 pm.