‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Finale Review

Last night was the season 5 finale of Once Upon a Time. I have always been impressed with the finales for this show, but this finale fell short for me. To be honest, I barely even remember what happened in both episodes. Besides the snarky comments made by Hook and Zalena. Oh, and of course Emma and Hook’s cuteness! Nonetheless, I am still amazed at the creativity and originality that Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis has delivered fans with.Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a Time

‘Only You’ centered around Henry and Violet mostly. Which, okay, it’s cute puppy dog love, but it was boring. The episode starts with Emma and Killian returning from their reunion. Emma tells Killian to wait outside of Granny’s to break the news to Regina. However, the town lights and shakes and Killian comes running in to see if Emma was okay. Everyone is abuzz with how the heck Killian is alive. Which then we get a Captain Charming hug, so it’s all good.

Emma and the gang go to scope out the source of the flashing light. Surprise, surprise, it’s just Rumple. On a quest to stop Rumple, Emma suggests to Regina that she sit this one out, which Regina refuses. Soon enough, Henry takes Violet with him to New York to end magic all together. His moms chase after him, trying to find him before Rumple can. Why waste time driving to NYC when all three of them have magic?

Meanwhile, Zalena opens a portal to send the Camelot visitors back home. Only she can’t close the portal and her, the Charmings, and Hook get pulled through. They end up on the property of a mental hospital. It doesn’t turn out well for the heroes because they’re promptly thrown into a strange cage. After the crazy dude chokes Killian (honestly, can the guy get a break? He’s been trough hell and back. Literally.) Jeckyll then seperates himself from Hyde and the heroes battle the crazy man. Hook puts his hook to use to kick some butt while Zalena uses her magic. We later learn they are in the hands of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Intersting choice, I would have to say.

Back in NYC, Emma and Regina find Henry and Violet in the library where they’ve discovered the holy grail or whatever it was they were looking for. Prior to finding them, Rumple knocked the two kiddos out. Did Henry really think he could fight the Dark One? LOL, kid. Now would have been a wonderful time to lecture Henry for running away, but nope.

But finding Rumple wasn’t so hard considering he was holding some kind of satanic ritual in his hotel room to wake Belle. When he summons the power, he chooses to save the crystal wand instead of his wife. Need I even comment on this? Nope, won’t get into that.

As the episodes progress, Henry has decided to suck the power out of the world. Yep, this is a huge problem considering his family is still stuck in the other realm. I get it, kids make mistakes, but that was just stupid. By this point, I am totally done with Henry. I ever really did like the kid because I always thought he was kind of annoying. Not to mention, he treats Emma like his punching bag, lashing out on her. First Regina lashing out on her and telling her that she wanted to ‘rip Hook’s throat out’, then Henry. So, the Swan/Mills gang have a major problem on their hands. Tension is at an all time high.

Turns out the Dragon was no help either. So, sorry I’m not a New York girl, so I don’t know the name of the fountain, but they all surround the wising fountain. This is where Henry tells Emma that he would throw a penny in the fountain and wish for Emma’s happiness when they lived in NYC. Then a  few days later Hook found Emma. Yay! This gives them an idea. Henry mounts the stairs and gets everyone to throw a penny in the fountain to help find the rest of his family. Sure enough, out comes Zalena, Killian, the Charmings and Jeckyll from the fountain. Naturally, the sane people of NYC assumed it was all an act.

Before the family returns to Storybrooke, Regina decides to use the injection that separated Jeckyll from Hyde. The Evil Queen appears in front of Regina, and Emma and Snow tell her she needs to end her. So Regina crushes the Evil Queen’s heart. We’re all happy and well. For now at least. Side note: I love Regina, but she created the Evil Queen. It was born in her; it wasn’t some curse she was under. She chose that fate.

While the gang heads back home, Rumple makes a deal with Hyde. Oh great, just what the town needs, another crazy maniac. Before heading into Granny’s, Emma pulls Killian aside. I totally thought we would get a proposal or even an invite to move into together, but we got something else. Emma tells Killian that she loves him. Now, this may seem like a little thing. I mean, they have confessed their love for one another, but this was different. They weren’t facing death or darkness, Emma just wanted to tell him she loved him. It was simple, but those two never had it easy. Also, it was the cutest kiss they have ever shared! All hail the CaptainSwan lift kiss!


All is happy, and I’m feeling good about my OTP. However, it wouldn’t be Once without something bad happening in the last five seconds of the finale. Reverting back to NYC, the Evil Queen appears in front of the Dragon. The episode ends right as she crushes his heart. Looks like we’ll be getting a Regina v. Evil Queen battle next season. Not only is the Evil Queen back, but Hyde is in Storybrooke too. This can’t look too good for the heroes.

My theory is that Regina will only be able to defeat the Evil Queen by also defeating herself. And maybe we’ll also have a scene where the Evil Queen crashes CaptianSwan’s wedding. I for one loved the Evil Queen! Also, the fandom royally  deserves a scene of relaxed bliss for Hook and Emma. Hopefully we won’t get anymore of everyone guilt tripping Emma. And maybe someone grounding Henry. 😛

Rating: 6/10

Once Upon a Time season 6 returns to ABC in the fall. No reason you can’t binge the first 5 seasons though!

Once Upon A Time: “Firebird” Review

By: Carolina

The 20th episode of Season 5 was one of the most emotional and intense of the series, showing us not only a dramatic goodbye scene with Emma and Killian, but also the Lord of the Underworld with an ace up his sleeve, not having changed his sinister plans even though he received a true love’s kiss from Zelena. My heart aches after such angst -I don’t even know how I’m able to write this- but let’s make a recap of how our favorite heroes and villains lived the unexpected and stressing moments in last Sunday’s episode:

The Emma flashback was quite meaningful in the character’s life. I mean, Cleo helped Emma become not only that badass bail bondsperson, but also taught her to use an armor to protect herself, to be more rational than emotional. In my opinion, it’s good to have both of them. You can’t always lead yourself through tough situations by only thinking with your mind, sometimes it’s good to also let your heart guide you.

OUAT 5x20 Emma ArmorAnyways, it was gloomy to see Cleo not making it after escaping from the cops, and more when Emma learned that she had been in the same situation: Cleo had given up her child years ago, empathizing with the situation Emma was living as well. So in some way, they were more alike than they thought. The end of the flashback was both sweet and fantastic, Emma telling Tasha about her mother and getting her own armor: the well-known red jacket we all love.

I definitely liked to see those Rumple-Pan scenes. It’s interesting to see how torn and tricky their relationship is, catching certain tension and rage between them. When Rumple took Robin’s heart I definitely hated Rumple. However, when he told his father that he had actually placed a glamour spell on the “heart” and returned Robin his, I felt not only relieved but satisfied. This of course does not justify Gold’s evil ways to get what he wants, but at least he didn’t mess up everything. Seems like we have already seen the last of the former Neverland ruler.

And what about the heroes wanting to help the residents of the Underworld move on? Excellent decision, Henry. I have to admit he’s worthy of being the Author. It’s all about helping others and not thinking selfishly, which I believe it’s one of the greatest messages of the show.

We also saw more of the sisterhood between Regina and Zelena, which I have become very fond of. It’s nice to see them act like a real family after two seasons of wanting to break one another’s neck and destroy the other’s happiness. Robin, on the other hand, was not that convinced when Regina told him to trust The Wicked Witch when it came to hand her their baby. It was hard for him and it’s completely understandable. How many things has Zelena done to them, always deceiving them time after time? I just hope that this perspective changes because, in my honest opinion, I do think that Zelena is changing (let’s just see what happens on next episode since the promo showed a not so friendly Zelena).


Hades! I can’t believe he was willing to leave the heroes back in “Underbrooke”, not caring about them even though he had a deal with them. The only good thing he did was remove their names from the tombstones, but apart from that, he was very determined to get to Storybrooke no matter what. I guess that Zelena wasn’t right at all, love didn’t change the Lord of the Underworld and that is going to bring catastrophic consequences, very likely to include a broken hearted Zelena.

Now, let’s get to the part that made me fangirl but also broke my heart, the highlight of the episode. Emma and Hook ventured themselves to the deepest part of the Underworld with the hope of feeding him with the fruit of Ambrosia so he could finally go home. OUAT tells us Orpheus and Eurydice’s story in a different way than in the original mythology, but it still kept its essence. I love how the show has included Greek stories and the way they have linked them to the core characters.

The True Love test was something I did not expect and for that, I feel marvelously in love with how the writers put it. Unlike the rest, this test was about choosing the one you loved above your own life, which made that moment a magnificent and unique one.

The pirate and the savior sharing one of the most painful and touching farewells in history made me sob uncontrollably the rest of the night. Seriously, how many times do we have to go through this before Captain Swan finally gets a happy, peaceful, angst-free moment? I do hope it’s soon, otherwise my shipper heart won’t be able to handle it.

OUAT 5x20 Emma Hook Bye

Once Upon A Time’s “Firebird” exceeded my expectations, not only for the fact that we had many Captain Swan moments, but also because we got to see a significant time in Emma’s life that left a mark on her. I do like how Henry is getting more and more into his author role and I hope we get to see more of this. My only worry right now is Hades, because he has lied to Zelena and for sure will turn her against her sister and the rest of the heroes.

Finally, I’d like to express how crazy I went with the promo for next week’s episode. We’re not only getting a lot of disagreements between the characters, but also a devastating scene of a funeral, Killian Jones’s funeral! We do know he’s coming back; the question is HOW?

Yeah, it’s gonna be a hard week until Sunday arrives.

Rating: 9.5/10

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 7/8 pm.


I Started Once Because…


I was late to the party. I started watching Once Upon a Time in December. I had just found out that there would be OUAT convention. I write for Hollywood News Source and my boss told me about the con and told me I should try to do press for it. So I started watching it. Plus, my coworkers kept telling me I should watch it. I deemed my winter break from school the perfect chance to watch it. Unfortunately I didn’t finish over break, so I devoted the next couple months binge watching. I was obsessed and my social life basically became nonexistent. Thankfully I was able to catch up right when season 5 returned from hiatus. Also, I got the press badge and will be reporting at the convention this upcoming weekend. No Colin won’t be there, but the OUAT cast is just the best, so I’m lucky to get to see them! I am super glad that I started watching it. I was never much into TV shows, but this show really hits me in the feels. Plus, I have met some awesome people from this fandom. Especially my cowriters for this blog! Okay, and maybe, just maybe, I started the show because I was told there was a hot character in it. *cough Killian* Also, I had just watched Fifty Shades of Grey (I write this with shame), and I heard that Jamie Dornan was in it. So I had to watch. I was pretty dang upset when he was killed off!

I remember it was a cold, snowy and icy December day. We were stuck in our house because the weather was too dangerous to go out into. So I set up my laptop with a bowl of popcorn and snuggled into my bed. I came down hours later….totally unaware that I watched about three episodes in one sitting. School started back up and I couldn’t think of much else besides coming home to keep watching. I was not lying when I said I was obsessed. I would come and watch a few episodes until I realized I had homework to do. Or I had to leave for work. The weekend before the hiatus returned, I ended up with the flu. It was the perfect day to lie on the couch and watch the rest of season 4. Then I realized I had absolutely no way of watching the first part of season 5. I was running out of time with only a week until hiatus was over. (I already knew Hook was dead. Dang spoilers!) I searched all over for the episodes, but nothing! Until a Hulu add popped up telling me I could have a week free of watching. And guess what? THEY HAD 5A! Now here I am, dedicated fan. And when I talk about it to people, they just give me this odd look. Mostly I get ‘I can’t believe you think Captain Hook is hot’. I can never get over the shock on people’s face when I tell them I’m in love with Hook. They simply don’t understand!


It all happened at the beginning of 2014 (call me crazy but I do remember the exact dates). During recess at school, my friends wouldn’t stop talking about certain TV show they had just started to watch. They made comments like “I’m on that episode when Cinderella makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin and she wants to leave town but she can’t because of the curse” and “Did you see that The Evil Queen’s mirror is also that guy from the newspaper?”, so I was really confused about it that I limited myself to listen to their awkward conversations while eating my sandwich.

I had already heard about Once Upon A Time before on Tumblr and on some T.V. commercials, but never took the time to pay attention to it. Anyways, the conversations went by and my friends kept talking about it non-stop while I was ironically trying to figure out how could Jiminy Cricket be the owner of Pongo. My friends told me I had to watch the show because they knew I was going to love it since I’m a Disney geek, and I’m very fond of fairytales. I wasn’t that convinced at first, but after listening to all those intriguing comments I told myself I had to watch it.

“I’m going to give the first episode a shot, but I can’t promise I’ll watch the rest,” I said to my pals before grinning at me.

So, on February 2, 2014 (told you I remembered the exact date) I was lying on my bed trying to study for next day’s French test when I decided to put my notebook aside and turn on the computer. “French can wait. Let’s watch that fairytale show and then return to studying.”

And then it happened. During the whole episode I swear I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I was so hooked on it that I didn’t even listen to my mother calling me twice. The worst thing was when I cried during the scene when Charming sees that baby Emma has already gone through the wardrobe and he closes his eyes, knowing she’s safe and sound. I swear that no T.V. show before had made me cry as much as I did that day.

By the end of the episode, right when Henry watches through his window how the clock starts moving, I realized that I had to keep watching the show no matter what. I was already obsessed with it and quickly pressed the “next episode” button. Guess who forgot about studying and had to learn tons of verb tenses in French an hour before the exam began.

I watched the following seasons during the days that followed (even though I was on exams) and caught up with the episodes just two weeks before the premiere of “New York City Serenade” (3×12).

I’m really grateful for having been introduced to Once Upon A Time. For real, I can’t imagine my life without it, much less living without my favorite couple, Captain Swan

But how I began to ship the pirate and the savior is another story 😉


How did you get started with the show? Comment below!


Once Upon a Time: ‘Sisters’ Review

I am trying my hardest to reign in my emotions long enough to write this post. Cause of said feels? Mostly the promo for next week’s episode, but also this episode. Thank you, ABC, for giving me an episode that didn’t make me utterly annoyed with the Underworld arc. So much happened in this episode. Here we go:

The Zelena and Hades thing? It just isn’t working for me. I love Zalena. She’s totally insane, but I can understand why she is that why. Her life was not easy, and she didn’t really have anyone to turn to. Not to mention that Regina and her had the chance of being sisters, but Cora took that away from her. I loved the dynamics between Zalena and Regina this episode. It’s no secret that the Mills sisters haven’t taken too kindly to each other the past few seasons. Yes, what Cora did was awful, but I think it brought Regina and Zalena together. Maybe, and that’s a ginormous maybe, Zalena will change for the better now that she knows she actually has a real sister. Is it so wrong of me to hope she remains evil? Rebecca Mader plays wicked so well! Also, I loved how willing Hook was to help Regina find Cora. When she took the magical band off with the hook, I was like ‘wasn’t Killian literally just wearing his hook?’ He was, but he was off being a hero.

Now we switch directions to another pair of siblings. The ultimate showdown between David and James. I’m not going to lie, I was screaming when James tased David. Dang, James, not cool. I like how creepy Josh Dallas played James though. For example, when he walked in and was being all weird with Emma. I’m surprised Emma didn’t sense that he wasn’t her dad. Doesn’t she have that super power of telling when people are lying? So ‘father’ and daughter venture into the woods to find Robin. Only Cruella arrives and James reveals his true identity by pointing a gun at Robin. Cue nervousness from me. Then Cruella punches Emma in the face accompanied with a snide remark of ‘that’s for killing me’. Emma took that punch like a champ; she hardly even winced. It just looked like she wanted to kill Cruella again. That was one of my favorite parts of the episode. Also, I loved when James and Cruella were being all lovey-dovey, and Emma was just wincing like a teenager watching her parents.

The dock scene really made me jump off my couch. James and Cruella were trying to kill Robin and Emma. But what happens next? Hook and Charming, ultimate brotp, come running to the rescue. David goes after James, and Hook goes after Emma. Side note because I am CaptainSwan trash, I loved how Emma ran into Hook’s arms. It was just cute and I fangirled. David and James are engaged in a brutal fight. Except James loses the battle and David pushes him into the Rivers of Lost Souls. James had it coming for him, so nothing to feel bad about there. Although David, being the guy that he is, feels slightly bad for condemning his brother to such an awful fate. But nobody messes with the Charmings and gets away with it. *insert punching emoji*

We end the episode with Hades jamming out to some classic music of sorts. Honestly, that guy is just so weird. I don’t even find him intimidating, and he’s supposed to be the God of Death. Yikes. Regina sends Zalena off to find her love with Hades. Of course we can’t have an episode end on a happy occasion. Oh no, that just wouldn’t make any sense. Rumple shows up, red with rage, and tells Zalena how he basically hates her for encouraging Belle to put a sleeping curse on herself. Low and behold, Rumple had a trick up his sleeve in the form of Peter Pan. The episode ends with Pan putting a bag over Zalena’s head in, what I assume, is an attempt to kidnap her. To do what? No clue. She’s the Wicked Witch. Can’t she just poof her way out?

Overall thoughts: I was impressed with this episode. I liked the bond between Zalena and Regina. I even liked Cora passing out of the Underworld. As crazy as that woman was,she kind of grew on me. I really enjoyed the whole David-James dual too. And that David and Hook rescue was great! Of course I would have been a bit happier if CaptainSwan had more screen time, but they’ll get their chance.

And here is the part where I rant about the twenty second promo for next week’s episode. OMG. Emma announces that it is time for them to all go home. *throws confetti* Only, there’s a twist. Hades sends Hook and Emma into some weird tunnel with no means of an escape. There we see Hook telling Emma good bye and her screaming “I don’t know how to say goodbye!” The show’s creators really know how to toy with our feels-separating true loves once again. My theory is that true loves kiss will let Hook come home with the heroes. Because remember, he is still dead.

Rating: 7.5/10

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 7/8 pm.