Underrated Romantic Moments

There have been numerous romantic moments in Once Upon a Time. After all,  a show based on storybooks and fairytales. While, yes, there are some obvious romantic moments we could be sharing, but what about those small meaningful ones? The ones that if you blink, you might just miss it. Here are our favorite romantic moments that maybe don’t get as much attention as others:

Caro:Image result for emma and hook 5x1 gif

If you are a loyal follower of the relationship between the pirate and the Savior, it’s highly probable that you also wished this moment was given a little more credit and importance. 

In the Season 5 premiere, there is a scene in which Emma, who has just become the Dark One, is about to crush Merida’s heart in order to find Merlin. It’s not an evil cause Emma is seeking, but the means to achieve it are quite the opposite. Rumple (or to be precise, all the Dark Ones represented as him) is trying to convince her to kill the red head when Hook and the rest of the gang shows up just in time. 

There is an air of tension in which Emma listens more to the “Dark Side” than to her family and starts squeezing the beating heart in her hand. Quickly, Snow wants to interfere by using the dagger, and that’s when Killian states that if someone needs to make a decision it is Emma. 

This is relevant not only because it proves that he’s believing in her, but also for the fact that he’s letting her decide what to do. He’s giving her the will of choosing the path of good instead of forcing her towards it. He knows that using the dagger against her is not the right thing to do, even if there is a life at stake. 

Apart from the level of trust Killian has on Emma, we can also see how he’s the only one able to talk her out of killing Merida. Regina tries to make her reason for a moment without succeeding, and Mary Margaret fails as well after suggesting the use of the Dark One’s dagger. Killian has a different effect on Emma than the others (duh, he’s her True Love!) He understands her position because he’s been there before, so he’s using his own experience to take her to the light. That’s something I love about him. 

When Emma says that Merida needs to die, I love how Hook knows that it’s not Emma speaking. He does not understand very well how the Dark Ones work inside her head just yet, but he can determine that his girlfriend would never say such thing. This shows how much Killian Jones knows his Swan (and it makes me have a small fangirl attack because guys, this an important relationship development :3). 

After a series of sentences to convince her, Emma returns the heart to its owner and quickly throws herself into Killian’s arms, finding a refugee and a feeling of safety and love. Awww ❤ (Sorry, I had to say that jeje)

We notice how Rumple’s representation immediately disappears, allowing Emma to feel certain freedom and a minute of break from the recent events. She is shocked about what she was about to do, but she feels relieved to have her family with her. 

It’s a very strong moment which I’m very fond of and that I enjoy watching more than once. Plus, it’s the Captain Swan reunion after Emma was sucked into the darkness (and we had to wait a loooong hiatus until we saw it). Yes, it was different from what we expected (you must remember the popular speculations on Tumblr and Twitter that were nothing like it actually was) but I think it was enough and well played. 

I like this scene because you can see how far Emma and Hook have come. They know each other so well, there is a big leap of faith and an important message of giving the other the choice of making the decision by themselves without pressuring them, always providing a support to guide them to the light.  

Madeline:Image result for hook and emma 4x12

My little romantic scene was very brief. So brief that if you blinked, you probably missed the whole scene. There were no words, only the opening of music.

In the beginning of 4×12, everything is quiet in Storybrooke. It’s during that six week period where everything was just normal. Well, as normal as that town can possibly be. I mean, a town with fairy tale characters isn’t exactly what I would refer to as being normal. So, in the beginning of that episode we see Hook waiting my Emma’s bug with coffee in his hands…er hand. We then see Emma walking down the street towards him. They smile and share literally the cutest kiss ever. I swooned so hard because it was just so coupley of them! They walk down the street with their arms around each other, enjoying each other’s company. Belle is waiting for them at the library, and this is where I literally fall off my couch in fangirl daze. Hook kisses Emma on top of her head.

Now, I know this is such a minuscule moment, but it shows how at ease Emma and Hook are with each other. They’re still in that blissful early stages of relationships. Viewers can see how much they care for one another. They’re acting like such a couple; it’s super adorable. Even Belle smiles at them when Killian kisses Emma’s head. She totally ships it.

So while this moment wasn’t one of the big romantic scenes, I think it shows a lot about their relationship progression. It shows how chill it is. And I love, love, love that! Have I mentioned how much I truly love it? I wish this scene would have more recognition because it is so cute.

Watch that gif on repeat. Do it.

Joanna: Image result for emma and hook 4x22 gifs

It took me a while to think of what underrated moment was one of my favourites, but after re-watching Operation Mongoose Part Two, it finally hit me.

I absolutely adore the scene in Granny’s diner with Emma, Killian, Mary Margaret and David. It’s the calm before the storm and we are able to witness a bit of fluff between Emma and Killian as they speak with Emma’s parents. David and Mary Margaret are currently in the process of apologizing to Killian for “killing” him in the alternate universe.

As Killian accepts their apology, of course with a bit of a joke, he has his arm around Emma and her with him. It’s a simple, yet beautiful moment. It proves that Emma is in a happy relationship where she feels comfortable and loved, especially considering they are acting like a couple in front of her parents.

Just as I thought this scene couldn’t get any fluffier and adorable, Emma briefly and gently rests her head on Killian’s shoulder, which is a simple gesture of affection. We haven’t seen Emma look so comfortable in a relationship in the entire series and now she is standing in front of her parents, affectionately cuddling up to her boyfriend and looking perfectly content.

It’s such a simple and sweet moment between the pair, and I often think that a lot of people overlook this scene in 4×22, as we are too busy focusing on their first “I love you”, their meeting in the alternate world and of course their famous moment of Emma teaching Deckhand Hook to sword fight.

I, for one, would love to see more moments like this between the pair and I am eagerly looking forward to season 6 and what new adventures await Emma and Killian.



3 Times Emma & Hook’s Realtionship Was Just Too Real

Without a doubt, Emma and Hook have gone through a lot during their relationship. Between death, darkness, and realms, these two don’t have a very realistic relationship at times. Nonetheless, there are scenes between them that were just way too real. They’re aspects that every relationship can relate to.

  1. Hiding secrets: If you remember, Emma was having a hard time with trusting people in season 4. Her parents didn’t tell her about what they did to Malificent’s daughter, and Hook was being suspicious about how he knew Ursula. It’s not a secret that honesty and truthfulness is important in a relationship, but sometimes it’s a struggle. Emma was okay with Hook not wanting to divulge his past with Ursula, but she was not okay with the fact he lied to her about knowing Ursula. It’s all too common to feel a sense of disappointment when the person you love isn’t completely forthright. In that moment, we saw a different side of their romance. A side that demonstared that all couples go through the burden of dishonesty.
  2. Taking the next step: Taking a next step in a relationship can be scary or nerve-racking. You know that you’re ready, but at the same time you have doubts. It’s something every couple goes through at some points. For Emma and Hook, it was Emma’s hesitations to move in with Hook. She knew she loved him and could she a future with him. Though, she still had some nerves coursing through her. Of course she did! Anyone would. Nonetheless, Emma admits that she scared but can definitely see a future with Hook. (Still awaiting for them to take the plunge and move in together! )
  3. Being open without any hesitance: Sometimes in relationships, it takes a while to fully be yourself and express yourself to your significant other. In Emma’s case, she was never willing to let her walls come down. That is until Hook came along. She trusted him and loved him, but it took some time for her to be herself and freely express her emotions. As Hook mentioned in ‘Firebird’, she only expresses her true feelings when they’re facing a threat. And Emma owns up to that fact. She forgets that she knows that she can be herself around him. And as we see in the season 5 finale, we know that Emma has finally knocked down that piece of wall thanks to Hook. She tells him, without any hesitancy, that she loves him. There were no threats, no anything. Just her wanting to tell him her feelings.

Swooning Over CaptainSwan: Our Fave Romantic Moments

There is, without a doubt, various romantic moments through the five seasons of Once Upon a Time. Hook and Emma, among the couples on the show, have had many swoon worthy scenes. And today we all chose our favorite Hook and Emma moment that made us swoon. (Or still is making us swoon) I for one am in a constant state of swoon when it comes to CaptainSwan.

Caro: 5×08 ‘Birth’

Emma Swan and Killian Jones have an epic love story that hasn’t ended yet (thankfully). They have shared many beautiful moments during the course of the series, but the one I consider the most romantic is the scene on 5×08 “Birth”, where they talk about their future and magically turn on the Promethean Flame. 

What I like about this moment is that Emma and Hook finally talk about sharing a future, giving the next step of moving together. I mean, it’s such a big thing! I went all crazy when I watched this because I could only imagine a bunch of domestic Captain Swan scenes and totally fangirled big time (I’m still hoping to see some of this stuff on Season 6). 

Okay, sorry for my sudden ramble. Returning to the scene… Emma, of course, feels a bit scared of that future. She had never gotten too far in a relationship, things were starting to get more serious between Killian and her and somehow she was afraid of it. Not because she didn’t want to have that future, because she did want it, but for the fact that it was a whole new thing for her. 

In some way, I understand her feelings. It’s like wanting something so bad but feeling scared of it because you’re afraid of that new thing, of something that will change your life and will most likely leave a mark on it. 

Our dear Killian felt sad as soon as he listened to Emma’s fear, but when she told him that she did wanted to begin that future with him, his face changed and a gorgeous smile showed up. 

“The future is nothing to be afraid of, Swan” He told her comfortingly. This decision of moving together is such a big thing for them as a couple. It shows maturity and progress in the relationship, which just makes my love for them grow even more. 

And then something beautiful happens. Emma and Killian share a kiss. It was magical, but the cherry on top was that the Promethean Flame turned on, somehow showing the power and strength of their love and support. 

It’s one of those small moments that are very meaningful, that make your fangirl heart beat faster than ever, and even make you cry of happiness. 

Madeline: 5×21 ‘Last Rites’

As a Captain Swan fangirl, every moment they’re onscreen together is my favorite. But, I would have to say my favorite romantic moment between the Savior and the Pirate is in 5×21 ‘Last Rites’.

This was a heartbreaking episode. Regina loses Robin, and Emma is still mourning the loss of the man she loved. When she visits his grave, you see the pain Emma is going through. She knows Killian can move on, but she can’t but help feel the agony it causes her that he’s no longer with her. The scene is raw and intense. The audience witnesses firsthand the reaction of a woman who deeply wishes things were different, that her true love was in her arms. She even lays his rum flask because she knew he would like it more than flowers. It’s small things like that that let viewers know how intimate their relationship is.

Then, a whirl of wind startles Emma while she says her good bye to Robin. As she turns around, we hear, “Swan?”. The camera flashes to Killian who is in front of his grave. Emma whispers his name, not really believing her eyes. Nonetheless, she rushes towards him and kisses him passionately, closing every inch of space between them. The emotions are so raw and real in this scene. They kiss each other like one of them will disappear at any moment. The love for each other is so evident.

Emma asks how Killian came back, but is too stunned that she has her true love back in her life. She can’t help but shower his face with kisses, not even letting him explain how he came back from the Underworld. As he starts to tell her it was all Zeus’s doing, Emma presses her lips back onto his, cutting off anymore words, saying “I don’t care; I’m just glad you’re okay.” Enter sobs of thousands of Captain Swan fans.

This is my favorite Captain Swan scene because in this moment, we truly know that true love is a powerful thing. And not just any true love, but the love that Emma and Killian share. Killian is a part of her life that makes her feel whole. Within minutes, you see a mourning Emma to a woman full of love and happiness at seeing Killian again. The love between them is so strong. Killian is one part of Emma’s life that she absolutely cannot live without, and we see that with their reunion.

Plus, Zeus totally ships them too.

Joanna: 4×15 ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ 

I have so many favourite Captain Swan moments that fall under the romantic category. It was incredibly hard to pick one scene to write about and after much deliberation, I decided on the iconic scene from “Poor Unfortunate Soul” where Hook tells Emma that she is his happy ending. Swoon.

In the scene, Emma quickly notices that something isn’t right with Killian after everyone leaves the cabin, the two of them remaining behind. He’s quiet and not his usual flirtatious self. Emma questions him and Killian opens up straight away. He tells her that earlier in the day he almost became the man he used to be and that he easily fell back into the darkness. To the audience, it is quite clear that it pains Killian to make this admission to Emma. (Side note, Colin O’Donoghue’s facial expressions were so on point in this scene).

Straight away Emma tries to assure him that he did the right thing and that he chose the right path by helping Ursula achieve her happy ending, but it becomes immediately clear that something else is troubling Killian as his facial expression remains sad. He then goes on to explain to Emma that he is worried about the fact that he was once a villain, to which Emma tries to again reassure him once again that he is no longer that man, but Killian is too far gone for reasoning at that moment in time.

Killian continues to look at Emma intently as he explains that he is afraid of losing his happy ending, just like Regina did, even though she is no longer a villain. Emma looks stunned at his confession and is clearly quite shocked. Completely unaware about how much she means to Killian she questions him what his happy ending is because if he is afraid to lose it, he has to have found it.

Killian himself shakes his head slightly and appears shocked that Emma doesn’t understand what he is about to admit.

“Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.” He says as he continues to look at her with love and worry.

Emma maintains to gaze at him in shock for a few moments, tears beginning to form in her eyes now. She cares for him deeply as well and this admittance on Killian’s behalf renders her speechless, but in a good way. Not sure how to respond with words, she slowly begins to lean forwards and captures Killian’s lips in a gentle kiss. As Killian responds to her kiss, a lone happy tear rolls down her cheek.

This entire scene is swoon-worthy, romantic, heartbreaking and just perfect. For the first time we see Killian admit to Emma how much she means to him, once again proving that his feelings are genuine and that he sees their relationship as long-term. Emma doesn’t cower nor does she flinch. She’s touched and happy. She’s overwhelmed with emotion that she can’t even form a response and instead opts to kiss him.

This scene is definitely one of the most important Captain Swan scenes to date. Not only did we get Killian admitting that he loves Emma in his own way, we also got a swoon-worthy feels filled kiss.

This moment is a huge highlight of season four and even the entire of Emma and Killian’s relationship, which we’ve seen develop over the past four seasons and I am looking forward to more moments like this.

Emily: Colin tweeted Emily and she was unable to write a romantic moment between Hook and Emma. Not that we blame her. It’s not everyday Colin O’Donoghue wishes you a happy birthday.

happy bday

Emma & Hook’s First Valentine’s Day

*I am all over the place with these one-shots. There is no timeline for these stories. Also this is PG-13. I know, I am venturing out of my fluff.*

After having just arrived back in Storybrooke after the recent adventure into the Underworld, Emma sits back in her chair at the sheriff’s station. She holds a mug of coffee in her hands, enjoying the quietness of the office. This morning she left her house early so she could make it home early to cook dinner for Killian and her. Emma wanted to do something normal after the darkness and Hell. It only seemed to make sense to do something as domestic as that. Plus, she could benefit from learning to cook more now that she has Killian in her life. They can’t live off of Granny’s. Or they could. Neither of them would mind though.

She’s just happy she has him back.

A knock sounds at the door to her office, pulling her from her bliss. Much to her surprise, Zalena is on the other side of the door holding her daughter. Emma gestures for her to come inside with a curious expression on her face. Her last encounter with Zalena wasn’t exactly pleasant. Emma is still sporting the bruise from when Zalena cast her against the concrete. In fact, there’s a nice black blotch on her lower back.

“Hey, what’s up?” Emma turns around in her chair, arms crossed against her chest.

“I want a job.”

Emma quirks an eyebrow up. “And what makes you think I would know how to get you a job?”

Zalena shrugs her shoulders. “You know a lot more people than I do in Storybrooke. Maybe you could put in a good word.”

“For you?” Emma lets out a small laugh. “Oh how the tables have turned.”

“I’ve changed. For Robyn.”

Killian walks into the office next, taking in the scene before him. He raises an eyebrow as he places a white sack onto her desk. She can smell the scent of onion rings seeping from within the bag. As if on impact, her stomach grumbles. Placing a hand over it, she sees Killian smile at her. Zalena is completely oblivious to Killian’s existence.

Emma stands up, coming over to the other side of the desk. She smiles down at little Robyn. “I don’t have anything in mind, but I’ll think about it.”

“Thank you. Really Emma, I want to change for my daughter.” Zalena walks out of the office, not bothering to acknowledge Killian’s existence.

“I guess some people aren’t too happy about my return,” he steps more into the office.

Emma returns to her seat, pulling the greasy bag closer to her. She bites down on the golden ring, “I am and that’s all that matters.”

“So,” Killian grabs onto the back of my chair. “I’ve been thinking, love.”

“You have?” Emma lets out an audible gasp followed by laughter.

Killian sits beside her on the desk. “Aye, and I want to take you out for Valentine’s Day tonight.”

Emma gives him a confused look. “Babe, it’s the end of May.”

“True, but you were…um…kind of dark during that holiday.”

She looks down to avoid looking in his eyes. The biggest blush has appeared on her cheeks. “Where are we going, Captain?”

He gets off, nearing towards the door. “Why the Jolly Roger of course. Meet me there at six.”

“Okay,” she watches him leave and glances at the time. It’s only one. She continues eating her lunch. At four, she clocks out to go home to get ready for whatever Killian has up his sleeves. If it’s anything like their first date, she knows it’ll be perfect.

Scanning her closet for something decent to wear, she lets out a sigh. The only dress she has in her closet currently is the pink dress she wore for her first date. And when she the Dark One. She can’t wear it again. Walking out of the closet, she decides to do her hair and makeup then go to Snow’s house for a dress. She knows her mother will have a dress for her to borrow. It’s a good thing they’re the same size.

Heading to their house, David answers the door with Neal in his arms. Emma smiles at her father and rubs the baby’s head. “Is mom here?”

“Emma?” she peeks out from her room.

“Do you have something for me to wear. Killian’s planning a special date for us on the Jolly Roger for Valentine’s.”

David places Neal in his crib. “I know he’s a pirate, but Valentine’s was over three months ago.”

Emma doesn’t bother explaining to her father. Snow leads her into her room to look through her closet. She pulls out a black dress. It still has the tag on it. “Well look at this.”

Emma observes  dress. It’s plain with a slit running up the leg. She smiles, thinking how much Killian will like it. She excuses herself to the bathroom to put it on. Looking into the mirror, she stands satisfied with how she looks. She steps out and Snow covers her mouth with her hand.

“Oh, Emma, you look beautiful. Here,” she thrusts a box of shoes at her.

Taking the shoes from the box, she marvels at the red strappy sandals. “Wow, Mom, these are amazing.” She slips them on, rocking on the tall heels.

“Hook isn’t going to be able to keep his hand off of you.”

Emma rolls her eyes. “Ew.”

Biding her parents a good night, she drives down to the dock. Walking onto the top part of the Jolly Roger, she sees a flicker of light from down below. Tip toeing down the steps, she wraps her arms around Killian’s neck. “Guess who?”

Emma steps into Killian’s view. His mouth opens slightly upon seeing her. “Swan you look-”

“I know.”

He smirks at her, tugging her by her hand. “I don’t think you know how beautiful you look.”

“Then show me,” she smiles wickedly at him.

“You’re more pirate then I am, love.”

Emma grabs the lapel of his leather jacket. Then she presses her lips hungrily against his. He reacts immediately, closing the gap between them. Emma opens her mouth for him and he more than willingly complies. Pulling back, she rests her forehead against his. Killian’s hand is resting on her lower back. Putting her hand against his cheek, she lets her head hang back as Killian starts showering kisses along her jawline. His lips then travel down her neck and onto her collarbone.

Emma’s breathing quickens as he makes his way back to her lips. Moaning against his lips, she tugs at his hair on the back of his neck.


“You have got to be kidding!” Emma lets go of Killian. “What is it, kid?”

Killian runs a hand through his hair, sitting down at the table while muttering “bloody hell”. He takes out his flask, drinking from it. Henry looks between the two of us. Emma’s cheeks flush. Hopefully he didn’t see too much.

“There’s something you need to see. Right now.”

Emma looks back at Killian. “I’ll meet you above deck; give me a minute.” She watches him ascend the stairs. Turning back around, Killian glances up at her with hooded eyes.

“It’s okay, love. Your boy needs you.”

She bends down to kiss him on the lips. “I love you.”

“And I you.”

“Happy Valentine’s,” she blows him a kiss before going to see what Henry needs to show her.


The 5 Most Romantic CaptainSwan Moments

There is no doubt that CaptainSwan has had so many romantic moments throughout the show. And it hard for me to limit the romantic moments to only 3. But I like a challenge; especially when that challenge involves Hook and Emma. So without further ado, in no particular order, the top 5 most romantic Hook and Emma moments:

  1. The Meadow Scene-‘The Broken Kingdom’: I am almost positive this scene marks as one of the most romantic moments on the show. I think it’s so romantic because of what is going on in this episode. Hook brought her into the field of daisies to help declutter her mind from the curse of the Dark One. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but what this all means for the couple. Emma trusts Hook so freely, so confidently in his actions. He wasn’t afraid of her in that moment; he didn’t cower down in fear. No, he wanted to protect the woman he loves and let her clear her mind from the darkness. This scene is truly remarkable. Then of course we hear Emma say “now that we’re alone…” and they kiss each other. Actually, more like they devour each other. As the camera zooms out, we see the surrondings. Emma dressed in white, Killian dressed in black, surrounded by a field of green and pink. The whole scene bleeds with intimacy. Also, Hook tells Emma that he will “never stop fighting for [them]” which is incredibly swoon worthy. In this scene, we see the consistent chemistry from Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue.
  2. Emma shares her childhood with Hook-‘Breaking Glass’: Maybe it’s because I just rewatched this episode today, but this moment is so tender, so real. Emma is opening herself up to Hook, and we see her walls being slowly knocked down. As all of the fans know, Emma isn’t exactly the type to uncover things so easily. All Hook did was ask for the honors and she obliged. She didn’t have to, but she did. Why? Because she trusts him. Emma knows that Hook would do anything for her. What I loved was she only showed her parents and the gang after she saw the Snow Queen in her video. Hook was the only one she had any intentions of revealing that part of her past to. And for that, I find it very romantic. We see them in the dark sheriff station, not saying much, but his presence being everything to her. His touch, his nearness is all that she needs to know that he cares. Such a simple scene with so much meaning and depth.
  3. Hook’s resurrection- ‘Last Rites’: Was this episode just the most heartbreaking one you have ever seen? If you answered no, what is your problem? While this episode was heartbreaking, it was also super romantic. I like to relate this whole scene to the song ‘Go the Distance’ from the Hercules soundtrack. The lyrics state: “When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong”. Take a moment to let these lyrics sink in. The ‘distance’ being Hook’s help in aiding Emma with the storybook pages from the Underworld. The ‘where I belong’ being back with Emma. When Zeus told Killian he was sending him to where he belonged, he appeared in the same spot Emma was. The place he best belongs his in Emma’s arms. How romantic is that? And when Zeus ships you, you know that you have the strongest love around. Plus, that whole scene was super sweet. The way Emma ran into his arms, kissing him with everything within her. Then not letting him even explain how he returned because she was too busy kissing him. Kissing her true love. My heart just melts thinking about it. 
  4. Emma’s ‘I love you’/lift kiss-‘An Untold Story’: Remember when the fandom absolutely lost all chill when we got the BTS pictures for this scene? Then we got the dialogue that accompanied the scene and we lost it all over again. Yet another simple yet romantic scene, but also very powerful. As Hook and Emma walk hand-in-hand, Emma tells Hook she wants to tell himself something now that they’re not amongst craziness. She says three simple words: I love you. In this moment, we see the final piece of her wall shatter to the ground. The wall is torn down and is open to love. Love for Hook, just so we’re clear. It also didn’t hurt that the kiss was adorable. I’m positive when Hook lifted Emma, we all fell off our couches. Okay, maybe it was just me who did. (Shoutout to Joanna for helping me decide between 2 scenes)
  5. Emma and Hook’s first real kiss-‘There’s No Place Like Home’: The word ‘aye’ has never held so much significance before. This episode was magical for a lot of reasons and one of the reasons being Emma’s realization. She learns that Hook has traded his ship to save her. Okay, I think we can all admit we melted at this scene. A man that was so hell-bent on revenge and closed off, chose to trade the one thing he cherished for a woman. A woman that he treasured more than his beloved Jolly Roger. And then Emma’s realization that she shouldn’t close herself off to the possibility of love. Just like Hook, she only relied on herself, but Hook is there for her. He saved her. Together, they break each other’s barriers. Plus, that kiss was so long and just yes.


A CaptainSwan Baby


It’s been a week since I found out that I was pregnant. A week since my dad thought there was something fishy going on. I put my hand on my stomach, smiling down at it. I don’t know how Killian will react to the news. Pregnancy wasn’t apart of the plan.

I continue folding the laundry. The laundry that Killian attempted to do. I observe the former white socks that are now red. I pick up my red turtleneck I wore the other day. I guess he wasn’t ready to do laundry by himself. Even Henry knows enough to separate colors from whites. Then again, Killian is like a million years old; laundry machines probably weren’t the norm in his days.

“Swan,” I hear Killian call from the foyer of the house.

I walk out of our bedroom, nerves racing through my stomach. I can do this. I’ve slayed a dragon before; I’ve survived Hell and Hades; I’ve broken a curse cast by the Evil Queen. Telling the man I love that I’m pregnant with his baby is easy. Right?

He grabs me by my waist, kissing my forehead. “I come with good news.”

“Oh?” I ask. “Because I kind of had some pretty good news too.”

Raising an eyebrow, Killian leads me by my hand to our room. He lets go of my hand and he gets on the bed. He stretches his feet out as he rests his back against the headboard. “Well, have at it Swan. What’s the big news?”

I climb on the bed so I’m sitting across from him. “You sure you don’t want to go first?”

“Clearly you’re nervous about something. You’ve been antsy all week.”

Letting out a breath, I decide to just blurt it out. I reach out to cup his face in my hands. I rest my forehead against his, breathing in his scent. He smells of the sea and a mix of his cologne. His hand covers one of mine, rubbing his thumb over mine.

“Killian,” I stare into his eyes. “I’m pregnant.”

I watch his face for any signs of anger or hesitance. Instead of either of those emotions, he laughs, a huge smile etched across his face. I lean back so I’m looking at him. Not saying anything, he reaches his hand out to touch my stomach. As he caresses the barely there bump, a tear slips from his eyes. I put my hand over his, tears gathering in my eyes. The only time I’ve seen Killian cry was when we thought we would never see one another-when I left him in the Underworld.

“A baby…” he says as if he doesn’t believe it. “Swan,” he shakes his head, “we’re having a baby?”

I nod my head, the tears falling onto my collar bone. “Yes.”

Pulling his hand away from my stomach, he cups my face in his hand. His hook rests on my hip. Then his lips are on mine. I open my mouth to him as he devours me. He pulls me against him so there’s no space between us.

“Our baby,” he says. “Our own little pirate princess.”

“Or pirate prince,” I add. “Dr. Wale said we can find out the sex in a few weeks. Or we can wait until the actual birth.”

Killian kisses my cheek, then my lips again. “I can’t wait that long; we need to know.”

I laugh because he’s acting like a child who woke up on Christmas to his wish list having been fulfilled. “I don’t know, maybe I’ll hold out to spite you.”

“No, no, no Swan. I waited quite some time for you to admit that the kiss in Neverland meant something. Or you know, our climb up the beanstalk.”

I nearly push him off the bed for bringing up our rocky past. The Neverland kiss did mean something. At the time, I was too scared to open up to somebody. Neal had just died, or so I had thought. I wasn’t ready to open my heart-especially to a pirate who was hell-bent on revenge. But that Killian was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t get me started on the beanstalk,” I get off the bed to resume folding the clothes. Since Henry’s been at Regina’s a lot lately, the laundry load hasn’t been too much. As I bend over to pick up a stray sock, I feel a quick pain in my stomach. Wincing, my hand instantly touches my bump. “The baby…is kicking me!”

Killian stumbles off the bed, the covers flying with him. There’s question in his eyes, almost like he doesn’t know whether to touch my belly or not. Silently answering him, the baby starts to kick again at Killian’s touch. “There’s definitely a pirate in there!”

As much as I love Killian, I really hope our son or daughter doesn’t turn out to be a pirate. Pirates are ruthless, much like my own pirate once was. But like I said, that man is no longer alive. He died when he fell in love with me. “I can’t wait to tell Henry.”

Killian’s eyes meet mine. “He’ll be thrilled to be an older brother.”

“So,” I say. “We should go to Granny’s to celebrate.”

“No, Swan.” He walks to the doorway. “Do you still have the dress you wore on our first date?”

I think about the blush pink dress that I wore when I asked Killian out on our first date. Then again when we were on his ship and I was the Dark One. The same day he told me he no longer loved me. The memory of the dress doesn’t give me the happy memories that it should. I wince and he seems to realize what I’m thinking about. I shake out of my grief. “I think I have one you would enjoy much better.”

“Anything you wear makes you look beautiful.”

“Killian,” I call after him. “I love you.”

He hooks his hook on the ledge of the door. “Apparently you do,” he smirks, looking down at my baby bump.

I grab a pair of socks and lob them at him. “Way to turn a romantic moment into one of your inappropriate innuendos.”

“Pirate,” he sing songs before walking out to let me change.

“Mmm…” I rub my belly. “Wait.”

Once again, he stops in his tracks. “You wanted to tell me something?”

He turns around to look at me. “Right. David told me I had his blessing. To marry you.”

“Wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t,” I smile. “I would’ve married you anyway.”

“Aye….” Killian winks at me.