Fandom Panel: Once Upon a Time 6×06

Caro and I, along with a couple guest writers, Kristin and Marina  (Welcome ladies!), weighed in on episode 6×06 of Once Upon a Time! I know this is super later. College and stuff. Image result for once upon a time 6x06

Okay, deep breaths. What did you think of the episode as a whole?

Caro: It was a great one! I really liked the way the writers connected Nemo’s story with Hook’s. Simply brilliant! It gave me a lot of Captain Cobra feelings, because the situation they were put in marked a big step for Henry and Killian’s relationship. Also, I enjoyed watching Emma helping Aladdin by showing him her past mistakes. She recognized her errors and has learned from them. If that’s not an excellent character development I don’t know what it is. 

Madeline: My favorite episode all season. Wait, scratch that. My favorite episode since ‘Firebird’. I loved the character development on Hook and Henry’s part. Not only together, but as individuals. Overall, I was very satisfied with it.

Kristin: This was absolutely my favorite episode of the season so far. In fact, I think it was probably my favorite episode in a long time.  This episode was really necessary in terms of progressing Hook and Emma’s relationship.  Emma and Henry is the core relationship of the entire series.  Emma and Hook’s relationship could not progress the way it needed to without there being some kind of understanding between Hook and Henry.  There are a lot of blended families in today’s society and I think that this episode was a reaction to that as well.  I also loved seeing more of Hook’s backstory.  Aside from being my absolute favorite character, he’s had such an interesting story and so much of it has been about his ability to let go of his anger and his need for vengeance.  Hook’s entire storyline is how you do redemption.  Also, Colin O’Donoghue is the master of the facial expression and this was his best episode yet, hands down.

Marina: It was very good. Not only they brought one of my favorite stories from my childhood but they tangled it with Killian’s need for a family.

How did you feel about Henry’s reaction to Hook about the sheers? Did you think he was too harsh?

Caro: I do understand the part in which he got mad because they had previously agreed to get rid of the sheers. However, I think he overreacted. Hook’s reasons to keep them were good, he just wanted to have them as an option to save Emma because he can’t even think of the idea of losing her (and apparently the rest is willing to accept that she might die). So yes, in my opinion, Henry was way too harsh on Killian, mostly when he said he wasn’t part of the family. It was so rude. At least I’m glad that things were okay at the end. 
Madeline: Way harsh. I guess it all boils down to that teenage attitude that we all had. I was a teenager only a couple of months ago, so I understand. However, he was way too harsh. Him telling Hook that he wasn’t family and didn’t care about anyone was a touch too far and unnecessary.
Kristin:   Initially, I did thing Henry’s reaction was a little harsh, but the more thought I gave it, I realized that it was a typical teenager reaction. In combination with being really protective of his mother, Henry is a teenager.  Teenagers tend to react and not give a lot of thought to the consequences their actions have.  He’s likely reacting to the fact that Hook moved in in the first place.  Then to find out that after Hook promised to get rid of the shears and didn’t was probably a shock to Henry.  He was understandably angry, but it was nice to see how it played out and how, eventually, he came to an understanding about why Hook kept them and maybe even finally saw how much Hook loves Emma.  I still cringe, though, when I see Henry tell Hook he’s not even a part of the family.  I get this teenager-y reaction, but ouch!
Marina: Yes it was too harsh, I understand that he is a teenager and things at that age are felt stronger and overreacted but Killian did what I would have done, keep the only thing that could save the person I love.  
We saw Liam Jr! What were your overall thoughts on him being on the show and not forgotten?
Caro: It really took me by surprise! I was definitely not expecting to see this character again because Adam and Eddy had said in an interview from season 5A that they hadn’t established plans for him yet. But I’m glad they didn’t forget him because I hate when stories are left behind. I think Liam’s plot was different than I would’ve imagined, but it was still great and well developed. I just hope that we see more of Liam 2.0 in the next episodes, it would be nice to see him bond with his half-brother while they sail or go for a drink 😉
Madeline: I think it was interesting to see that he was brought in. I wasn’t really expecting Adam and Eddy to bring the character into play, but I am glad they did. It gave Hook a sense of closure in regards to their father’s death.
Kristin:  I loved this story – have I mentioned how much I loved this episode! I also liked Liam 2.0 better than Liam 1.0.  There is an entire island of forgotten OUAT characters somewhere outside Storybrooke and it’s really nice when the writers bring one back and tell their story.  I loved that Hook and Liam 2.0 could come to some kind of peace, even though what Hook did to Liam was pretty egregious.  The story between Liam 2.0 and Captain Nemo was lovely.  When we got word that they had casted Nemo and were writing him into a storyline with Hook, I couldn’t help but think that we really didn’t need any more villains running around.  It was nice to see that Nemo wasn’t a villain after all and he was trying to help both Jones brothers.
Marina:I was so glad that we finally saw him and found out about his story. Not sure about the timeline though lol. I know he’s not becoming a regular but I hope in a future we get to see him here and there. After all he’s Killian’s brother. 
Opinion on this…errr…romance between Rumple and the Evil Queen?
Caro: One word: EWW. With all due respect to the ones who like this, I really find it quite unpleasant and not of my liking. Not only it’s messing with Rumbelle (and the Rumbelle fandom of course) but I also think it’s kind of extra. On the other hand, this is probably leading to some Wicked vs. Evil confrontation, so let’s wait and see what happens when Zelena finds out that what her dear sis has been doing.
Madeline: Oh how I was wishing for a sleeping curse during that scene. NOPE.
Kristin: I can’t even discuss this (but I will.)  I have REALLY strong feelings about the Evil Queen right now and how absolutely bizarre she’s being portrayed, so that’s probably coloring how strongly I feel that the Rumple and EQ relationship needs to stop dead in its tracks.  I also absolutely hate how one minute Rumple is trying to get Belle to listen to him and see what a decent guy he is and then the next minute he’s making out with the Evil Queen.  It’s just not ok with me.
Marina: Maybe disgusted is a too strong word to describe it……. actually that’s the perfect word for it lol. It’s a real weird romance although we know it’s all about what each can get out of the other for their own purpose and probably a very sick attraction eww!!!
Give me your reaction to seeing Hook and Emma being all domestic at breakfast. 
Caro: It was a strange combination of “OMG OMG OMG DOMESTIC CAPTAIN SWAN”, “Aww, they look so cute!! So married” and “Is this real? Is this a fanfiction or something created by my imagination?”
Yeah. That happened. Can you blame me? It was Captain Swan (and Henry) interacting as a couple that already live together in their beautiful house!
Dear OUAT writers, PLEASE give us more scenes like this, I beg you!
Madeline: My heart is forever thankful that we got that scene. It was so adorable because they were acting like such a husband and wife. I’m going to need more of those quiet domestic scenes. Maybe without Henry though.
Kristin: At the very beginning of this scene, I actually felt really awkward, which is, I’m sure what the writers were trying to portray. It is an awkward thing when the dynamic of any family changes and everyone in that relationship is trying to feel that out.  However, it was very sweet and a very appropriate first scene now that Hook has moved in with Emma and Henry.  There was definitely an undercurrent of intimacy happening and for the love of everything holy, let’s hope that Hook and Emma got to have a “quiet moment” because they need it!
Marina: First of all I want more lol but what can I say, it was a simple yet so full of meaning and feelings moment. It was like after all they been trough (and still do) they are rewarded with this normal and loving moment where life at least for a while is smiling at them and rewarding them with a family moment. Hope is one of many domestic moments Adam and Eddie will share with us. 
What was your favorite moment of the episode? 
Caro: Hmm, hard to tell. I think I’d go for the part where Hook decides to save Henry and take him out of the Nautilus even if that means sacrificing himself (the feels here are strong, not gonna lie). This scene shows that Killian is not doing it for Emma, it proves how much he cares about the kid, contrary to what the Evil Queen and certain people of the fandom think.
Madeline: This question is stupid because every scene was my favorite moment. I can say this question is stupid because I crafted these questions myself.
Kristin: My favorite moment was the scene with Hook, Emma and Henry and then just Hook and Emma at the hospital at the end of the episode. When Henry told Hook he’s see him at home, it was a great way to wrap of the angst between them.  It was an obvious understanding between the two of them that Henry was taking his first steps to accepting Hook into his family and that it’s Hook’s home too.I really thought Emma was going to be more mad than she was about the shears, however, I’m glad for the way the scene happened.  She would have been pretty hypocritical to get angry at Hook for trying to save her considering the extraordinary lengths she had gone to to save him.  It almost broke my heart when he said he couldn’t get rid of the only way to save her, even though it might make her hate him.  We all know there is probably very little he could do to make her hate him at this point, but he was really unsure of what her reaction would ultimately be.  This relationship has developed in a really organic way and I was glad to see that there were no dramatic reactions to this very understandable action on Hook’s part. 

Marina: I loved the entire episode (except the eww last kiss) but I have a tie between two scenes, the one where Henry comes back to save Killian and we know he considers him family and the moment where Killian and Emma talk about what happened with the shears.

Least Favorite Characters

Today’s post is our least favorite characters on the show. You know you all have at least one in mind!

*Please note: these are our opinions*

Caro: Rumple/ Mr. Gold

At the beginning of the show, Rumplestiltskin was a character I was fond of. He was tricky and funny with his squeaky voice in the flashbacks and quite shady in Storybrooke. However, as the seasons went by I started to like him less at the point of really not being able to stand the scenes he was in. Not because of the actor, Robert Carlyle is brilliant and great, but for Gold’s storyline and the fact that he has done horrible things to… Well, technically everyone.
Let’s start with Belle. She has always believed in him, seeing “the man behind the beast” and thinking that her love can make him a better man. She has defended him throughout the series when no one else has, arguing that he had a good heart. One would expect Rumple to become a good man after all those things Belle did for him, putting the darkness and power aside once and for all. But guess what? That hasn’t happened! He has admitted several times that he loves power, he enjoys being the Dark One and will achieve what he wants at all costs, no matter who steps in his way.
I can’t understand how Belle is still with him, to be honest. I know that Rumple doesn’t mean to hurt her, he truly loves her, but he has made her suffer a lot, lied to her uncountable times and yet she’s there believing that he can change. Dearie, you should totally stop letting love blind your judgement.
Another thing that pisses me off about Gold is that if he has a goal and there are people standing in between, he won’t stop and take them off the way in order to get what he wants, even if those persons are his own family. He doesn’t have mercy, not even for his grandson. On the Season 4 finale, when Henry steals the Olympian Crystal from him, Regina tells Rumple to stay away from her son. What’s his answer? That Henry was threatening him, and magically disappears ready to find that crystal, which by the way contained all of Storybrooke’s power thanks to the Dark One. Henry is his own blood, the son of Baelfire! How can he speak of him min such way? Rude.
And it hasn’t only been Henry. Rumple wanted to put Emma inside the sorcerer’s hat (this pissed me off a lot), blackmailed Hook and removed his heart, willing to kill him (this made me hate him even more!), found a loophole and became the Dark One once again after Killian sacrificed himself for everyone (this made me curse Rumple quite a lot), worked along with Isaac to put everyone inside “Heroes and Villains” only giving himself and Belle a happy story, and so on. You know all the things in the list.
I think that Rumple’s storyline is going rusty. It’s always the same thing with him. He finds a source of power, he wants it, hurts people, betrays Belle, doesn’t care about the rest, etc. I really believe it’s time to give Rumple something different, and hopefully that is the arrival of his baby. Maybe, just maybe, that will warm his heart a bit. But I’m not 100% sure that he will change for that. Thousands of years of being a villain can’t go away that easily, much less when you aren’t willing to let it go.

Madeline: Freaking Henry Mills.

There’s just something about his character that I do not like. It’s nothing against Jared. He was cute in the first couple of seasons, but he just got really annoying around season 3. And I think that might be the reason he’s my least favorite character because he’s just annoying. I get it, kids are meant to be annoying. Surely I was annoying at that age too which was a few years ago. Also, his teenage angst is just making me cringe.

Though, there have been instances where I’ve wanted to scream at him on behalf of his mothers. Time for a good grounding, Moms.

Example 1) His grudge against Hook. Yes, Hook was a villain and yadada, but he knew that he had changed. More importantly, he knew his mom had feelings for Hook. I know he said he was okay with Emma asking Hook out, but he added that little snarky comment where you knew he was not okay. After all Hook did to save him back in Neverland, this just made me mad.

Example 2) How he snapped at Emma in the season 5 finale. It wasn’t just him belittling Emma during the finale, but out of all the people, I thought Henry would never do that. Especially after everything Emma has done for him and his other mom, I found that little outburst disrespectful.

Example 3) The plethora of teenage against. I get it because I’m a teenager as well, but I’m definitely not that angsty. His angst is like running rampant. 5B, he kept snapping at everyone back and forth and it just got repetitive. Dude, please chill.

Example 4) This is minor, but I was super done with him here. When he called Hook a ‘dirty pirate’ in 4B. Like I said, it wasn’t a huge deal, but come on, kid. Hook makes your mom the happiest she has ever been. Can’t you at least try to be decent to the man she loves?