UGH: Ship Wars

Part of being in a fandom is shipping. And it’s one of the best things about being in a fandom. We all have shipped characters. Even if you’re not in a fandom, you unintentionally ship characters. You just technically don’t know the correct fangirl term for it.

The reason why I’m writing this post is because every time I go on Twitter, I see negative tweets or hate towards other overĀ a ship. First off: that’s cyberbullying. Second: we have to remember these characters are fictional. Third: it’s really not that hard to keep your mouth shut about ships that you hate.

I wish I could log onto Twitter without seeing so many nasty comments. Sometimes I will tweet innocent things about how much I love CaptainSwan. (I have never and will never tweet about ships that I don’t like). Yet, I still get some rather rude tweets directed my way because of who I ship. I just don’t understand that. If who I ship makes me happy, but you don’t like that ship, what does it matter to you? I’m not offending you or your ship. Ship who you want and respect those who ship others. Like I said, it’s not hard! šŸ™‚

I have thought so many times about deactivating just because it’s gotten to the point where nothing I read is positive. When I joined fandoms, shipping was all about fun and positivity. Now it’s almost to the point where you’re skittish about posting something in fear of ‘trolls’ attacking you. Obviously I haven’t deactivated (I love Twitter too much), but I choose to ignore the hate. CaptainSwan, OutlawQueen, etc gets so much hate. And why? Because you don’t like it? Who cares…if you don’t ship it, then don’t ship it. But let those who do enjoy who they ship. I’m not saying that you have to love everyone’s ships, but rememberĀ that we all don’t ship the same characters. And that is totally okay. That’s a fandom for you.

Okay. I’ll get off my soapbox now. I just needed to rant. Just remember that whenever you think about criticizing someone’s ship, think about how YOU would feel if they criticized yours. We all have feelings and we all have the right to ship whomever we want. If you respect my ship, I’ll respect yours. Easy!

Why Captain Swan is the Best OTP

It’s no question who my favorite ship is onĀ Once Upon a Time.Ā Obviously it’s CaptainSwan. And, with the help of Pintrest, I have found the perfect examples of why Emma and Hook slay the OTP world. (Typing this on my phone, so bare with me if there’s weird writing mistakes! The kids I’m nannying are watching Monster High, so I had to make myself productive.)

Reason 1: This scene was definitely a scene where we see how much they care for one another. Hook sees his happy ending with Emma. If a guy told you that you were his happy ending, that’s intense and powerful. Hook loves Emma.8764039759f1b2fa18591f3f890cd059

Reason 2: I couldn’t help but cry during this scene. What we have her is a man willing to protect his woman’s heart at all costs. He doesn’t care what it entails, just as long as Emma is free from harm.Ā f2de5b97a7249da081a74be365ea6d61

Reason 3: Let’s talk about this scene, shall we? Yes. Hook was the only one who wasn’t afraid of Emma as the Dark One. He was the one who was able to pull her from darkness at the time. Like he says, nothing stops him from getting to her. Even her parents were fearful of her, not Hook. Nope, he’s willing to do anything to save her.fc554823e06e025d8c7d24e7cb4ac40f

Reason 4: And we have here Emma defending the love of her life. She knows Hook and trusts him infinitely. She never doubted him for an instance. Could we really blame Hook for wanting to drive the dagger through Rumple? The guy was about to crush Hook’s heart.f1ea143843716f9cbd04f570f976f383

Reason 5: When Zeus ships you, you know it’s real. Dude knew Hook’s home was with Emma. Also, this scene reminded me of the song ‘Go the Distance’ from Ā Hercules.Ā In the song, it says: “if I go the distance, I’ll be back to where I belong.” It can’t be any more clear that by Hook finding the pages to defeat Hades, Zeus sent him to where he belongs. And that place was Emma. I mean, whose else’s OTP is shipped by Zeus?!1c26cc529ad09c42293bb50e2c68b6fe

I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Hook and Emma are such a unique OTP. They’re not perfect and their relationship is real. Well, as real as a fictional couple can get.