Once Upon a Time: ‘Sisters’ Review

I am trying my hardest to reign in my emotions long enough to write this post. Cause of said feels? Mostly the promo for next week’s episode, but also this episode. Thank you, ABC, for giving me an episode that didn’t make me utterly annoyed with the Underworld arc. So much happened in this episode. Here we go:

The Zelena and Hades thing? It just isn’t working for me. I love Zalena. She’s totally insane, but I can understand why she is that why. Her life was not easy, and she didn’t really have anyone to turn to. Not to mention that Regina and her had the chance of being sisters, but Cora took that away from her. I loved the dynamics between Zalena and Regina this episode. It’s no secret that the Mills sisters haven’t taken too kindly to each other the past few seasons. Yes, what Cora did was awful, but I think it brought Regina and Zalena together. Maybe, and that’s a ginormous maybe, Zalena will change for the better now that she knows she actually has a real sister. Is it so wrong of me to hope she remains evil? Rebecca Mader plays wicked so well! Also, I loved how willing Hook was to help Regina find Cora. When she took the magical band off with the hook, I was like ‘wasn’t Killian literally just wearing his hook?’ He was, but he was off being a hero.

Now we switch directions to another pair of siblings. The ultimate showdown between David and James. I’m not going to lie, I was screaming when James tased David. Dang, James, not cool. I like how creepy Josh Dallas played James though. For example, when he walked in and was being all weird with Emma. I’m surprised Emma didn’t sense that he wasn’t her dad. Doesn’t she have that super power of telling when people are lying? So ‘father’ and daughter venture into the woods to find Robin. Only Cruella arrives and James reveals his true identity by pointing a gun at Robin. Cue nervousness from me. Then Cruella punches Emma in the face accompanied with a snide remark of ‘that’s for killing me’. Emma took that punch like a champ; she hardly even winced. It just looked like she wanted to kill Cruella again. That was one of my favorite parts of the episode. Also, I loved when James and Cruella were being all lovey-dovey, and Emma was just wincing like a teenager watching her parents.

The dock scene really made me jump off my couch. James and Cruella were trying to kill Robin and Emma. But what happens next? Hook and Charming, ultimate brotp, come running to the rescue. David goes after James, and Hook goes after Emma. Side note because I am CaptainSwan trash, I loved how Emma ran into Hook’s arms. It was just cute and I fangirled. David and James are engaged in a brutal fight. Except James loses the battle and David pushes him into the Rivers of Lost Souls. James had it coming for him, so nothing to feel bad about there. Although David, being the guy that he is, feels slightly bad for condemning his brother to such an awful fate. But nobody messes with the Charmings and gets away with it. *insert punching emoji*

We end the episode with Hades jamming out to some classic music of sorts. Honestly, that guy is just so weird. I don’t even find him intimidating, and he’s supposed to be the God of Death. Yikes. Regina sends Zalena off to find her love with Hades. Of course we can’t have an episode end on a happy occasion. Oh no, that just wouldn’t make any sense. Rumple shows up, red with rage, and tells Zalena how he basically hates her for encouraging Belle to put a sleeping curse on herself. Low and behold, Rumple had a trick up his sleeve in the form of Peter Pan. The episode ends with Pan putting a bag over Zalena’s head in, what I assume, is an attempt to kidnap her. To do what? No clue. She’s the Wicked Witch. Can’t she just poof her way out?

Overall thoughts: I was impressed with this episode. I liked the bond between Zalena and Regina. I even liked Cora passing out of the Underworld. As crazy as that woman was,she kind of grew on me. I really enjoyed the whole David-James dual too. And that David and Hook rescue was great! Of course I would have been a bit happier if CaptainSwan had more screen time, but they’ll get their chance.

And here is the part where I rant about the twenty second promo for next week’s episode. OMG. Emma announces that it is time for them to all go home. *throws confetti* Only, there’s a twist. Hades sends Hook and Emma into some weird tunnel with no means of an escape. There we see Hook telling Emma good bye and her screaming “I don’t know how to say goodbye!” The show’s creators really know how to toy with our feels-separating true loves once again. My theory is that true loves kiss will let Hook come home with the heroes. Because remember, he is still dead.

Rating: 7.5/10

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 7/8 pm.