Domestic Captain Swan One Shot

Between darkness and the Underworld, Emma has been waiting to get a good nights rest. She hasn’t been able to do so in weeks. Now that they’re back from New York City, she has every intention of sleeping in for as long as she can. She even took a day off of work to lounge around the house. David, thankfully, volunteered to work for her.

Killain stirs beside Emma. Much like her, he’s also had a hard few weeks. They both deserve more than anything a quiet moment. Emma picks her head off pillow, glacing over at him still asleep. His hook is on the bedside table. It’s a different look for him without his hook attached. She puts her head back on the pillow, watching as he sleeps. Snuggling closer to him, she tucks her head against his chest. His breathing is slow as a smile appears on his lips.

“Morning, love.”

Emma smiles against his chest. “Hi.” This is the first time they’re awaking in one another’s arms in their own house. It’s a feeling that makes Emma’s stomach flutter. They’re finally taking the next step in their relationship. The step they were supposed to make before Emma had no choice but to turn them both into the Dark Ones. She was supposed to ban darkness forever and then start their future. But it didn’t go as plan.

“I’m going to make some coffee,” Emma starts to get up, but Killian tugs her back down onto the bed. He kisses her deeply, almost making her forget about anything else.

“Or we could stay here all day,” he suggests.

As much as Emma would love that, she desperately needs some coffee. Not even the ten plus hours of sleep they got is enough to make her awake. Coffee is the only guarantee that will make her not pass out. She manages to get out of bed a couple of minutes later. Grabbing her robe, she ties it tightly and makes her way to their kitchen. The last time she used the kitchen was when she was the Dark One. Everything is still where she left it. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she finds the coffee pot in one of the cabinets. Then she goes in search for some coffee beans and creamer. Once she finds all of it, she inhales the distinct smell of French Roast coffee. Getting two mugs out, she fills them halfway and adds creamer. Just as she goes to bring them upstairs, Killian comes down. His hair is still tousled, making him even more attractive. He wears pajama pants without a shirt, but his hook is back on his hand.

“I was just about to come upstairs,” she hands him his mug.

He takes it from her, setting it on the table. He reaches into his pajama bottoms for his flask. Emma resists the urge to roll her eyes. Only he would make his coffee Irish at ten in the morning. He offers her some, but she declines. Creamer is just as good as his rum. Plus, she’s never been much of a morning drinker.

“It’s ten in the morning, Killian.” She says sternly as she sips her coffee.

He sits down across from her at the table, winking. “Aye, love, but I need it after…everything.”

“Do you uh-” she takes another sip of her coffee. “Want to talk about it?’

His eyes divert away from her, staring intently at the table. “I’d rather not, love.”

She nods her head, understanding. Her mom and dad have continuously asked her if she ever wanted to talk about her days as the Dark One. It’s a time in her life she would love to bury deep and never see or talk about again. It wouldn’t be fair for her to force Killian to talk about his experiences either. If he wants to, he can.

“It’s okay.” The room ensues with silence, but it’s not an uncomfortable silence, it’s one she could get used to. “Do you remember that day in Camelot when you took me on the horse?”

Killian raises his eyebrows at her suggestively. “Swan.”

She rolls her eyes. “Killian…I was talking about those flowers. I want to plant some in the garden. Do you remember what they were?”

“No, but I remember-” the sound of the doorbell cuts him off. Just as well because Emma knows he was about to say something suggestive. You can never take the pirate out of a man.

Emma places her hand on his shoulder, letting him know she’ll get the door. “Put a shirt on, Killian.”

He pushes himself out from the chair. “Why, love? You can’t handle it? Afraid you might-”

She gives him a pointed look, shooing him away so she can open the door. She peeks through the peephole of the door, surprised to see Regina on the other side of it. Henry nowhere to be seen. She isn’t the first person she wanted to see this morning.

“Regina.” Emma greets her, gesturing her to come in.

Killian bounds back down the stairs. “Here I thought it was someone important at the door.”

“Nice to see you have that dazzling personality back,” Regina snaps at Killian. “Remember that hook can easily be replaced.”

“Enough you two,” Emma puts her hands up. “Sometimes you guys act like Henry and his friends. What brings you here?”

Regina folds her hands in front of her, a nervous expression on her face. “It seems the Evil Queen isn’t dead after all.”

“What the bloody hell do you mean?” Killian asks, anger evident in his voice.

Emma’s face goes slack at the mention of the Evil Queen’s name. “I would also like to know what you mean by that.”

“She’s back. Somehow. I don’t know, but she’s here to shred everyone’s happy endings.”

Killian and Emma look between each other. Emma goes over to Killian, taking his hand in hers. “Whatever we need to do to defeat her, we will. And we will defeat her. For good.”

Regina herself looks terrified. “It’s not that easy; if she couldn’t be killed when I crushed her heart, how the hell can she be defeated?”

“By having hope.” Killian takes a page from the hero’s book.

Emma smiles reassuringly at her true love. “Exactly.”



Emma & Hook’s First Valentine’s Day

*I am all over the place with these one-shots. There is no timeline for these stories. Also this is PG-13. I know, I am venturing out of my fluff.*

After having just arrived back in Storybrooke after the recent adventure into the Underworld, Emma sits back in her chair at the sheriff’s station. She holds a mug of coffee in her hands, enjoying the quietness of the office. This morning she left her house early so she could make it home early to cook dinner for Killian and her. Emma wanted to do something normal after the darkness and Hell. It only seemed to make sense to do something as domestic as that. Plus, she could benefit from learning to cook more now that she has Killian in her life. They can’t live off of Granny’s. Or they could. Neither of them would mind though.

She’s just happy she has him back.

A knock sounds at the door to her office, pulling her from her bliss. Much to her surprise, Zalena is on the other side of the door holding her daughter. Emma gestures for her to come inside with a curious expression on her face. Her last encounter with Zalena wasn’t exactly pleasant. Emma is still sporting the bruise from when Zalena cast her against the concrete. In fact, there’s a nice black blotch on her lower back.

“Hey, what’s up?” Emma turns around in her chair, arms crossed against her chest.

“I want a job.”

Emma quirks an eyebrow up. “And what makes you think I would know how to get you a job?”

Zalena shrugs her shoulders. “You know a lot more people than I do in Storybrooke. Maybe you could put in a good word.”

“For you?” Emma lets out a small laugh. “Oh how the tables have turned.”

“I’ve changed. For Robyn.”

Killian walks into the office next, taking in the scene before him. He raises an eyebrow as he places a white sack onto her desk. She can smell the scent of onion rings seeping from within the bag. As if on impact, her stomach grumbles. Placing a hand over it, she sees Killian smile at her. Zalena is completely oblivious to Killian’s existence.

Emma stands up, coming over to the other side of the desk. She smiles down at little Robyn. “I don’t have anything in mind, but I’ll think about it.”

“Thank you. Really Emma, I want to change for my daughter.” Zalena walks out of the office, not bothering to acknowledge Killian’s existence.

“I guess some people aren’t too happy about my return,” he steps more into the office.

Emma returns to her seat, pulling the greasy bag closer to her. She bites down on the golden ring, “I am and that’s all that matters.”

“So,” Killian grabs onto the back of my chair. “I’ve been thinking, love.”

“You have?” Emma lets out an audible gasp followed by laughter.

Killian sits beside her on the desk. “Aye, and I want to take you out for Valentine’s Day tonight.”

Emma gives him a confused look. “Babe, it’s the end of May.”

“True, but you were…um…kind of dark during that holiday.”

She looks down to avoid looking in his eyes. The biggest blush has appeared on her cheeks. “Where are we going, Captain?”

He gets off, nearing towards the door. “Why the Jolly Roger of course. Meet me there at six.”

“Okay,” she watches him leave and glances at the time. It’s only one. She continues eating her lunch. At four, she clocks out to go home to get ready for whatever Killian has up his sleeves. If it’s anything like their first date, she knows it’ll be perfect.

Scanning her closet for something decent to wear, she lets out a sigh. The only dress she has in her closet currently is the pink dress she wore for her first date. And when she the Dark One. She can’t wear it again. Walking out of the closet, she decides to do her hair and makeup then go to Snow’s house for a dress. She knows her mother will have a dress for her to borrow. It’s a good thing they’re the same size.

Heading to their house, David answers the door with Neal in his arms. Emma smiles at her father and rubs the baby’s head. “Is mom here?”

“Emma?” she peeks out from her room.

“Do you have something for me to wear. Killian’s planning a special date for us on the Jolly Roger for Valentine’s.”

David places Neal in his crib. “I know he’s a pirate, but Valentine’s was over three months ago.”

Emma doesn’t bother explaining to her father. Snow leads her into her room to look through her closet. She pulls out a black dress. It still has the tag on it. “Well look at this.”

Emma observes  dress. It’s plain with a slit running up the leg. She smiles, thinking how much Killian will like it. She excuses herself to the bathroom to put it on. Looking into the mirror, she stands satisfied with how she looks. She steps out and Snow covers her mouth with her hand.

“Oh, Emma, you look beautiful. Here,” she thrusts a box of shoes at her.

Taking the shoes from the box, she marvels at the red strappy sandals. “Wow, Mom, these are amazing.” She slips them on, rocking on the tall heels.

“Hook isn’t going to be able to keep his hand off of you.”

Emma rolls her eyes. “Ew.”

Biding her parents a good night, she drives down to the dock. Walking onto the top part of the Jolly Roger, she sees a flicker of light from down below. Tip toeing down the steps, she wraps her arms around Killian’s neck. “Guess who?”

Emma steps into Killian’s view. His mouth opens slightly upon seeing her. “Swan you look-”

“I know.”

He smirks at her, tugging her by her hand. “I don’t think you know how beautiful you look.”

“Then show me,” she smiles wickedly at him.

“You’re more pirate then I am, love.”

Emma grabs the lapel of his leather jacket. Then she presses her lips hungrily against his. He reacts immediately, closing the gap between them. Emma opens her mouth for him and he more than willingly complies. Pulling back, she rests her forehead against his. Killian’s hand is resting on her lower back. Putting her hand against his cheek, she lets her head hang back as Killian starts showering kisses along her jawline. His lips then travel down her neck and onto her collarbone.

Emma’s breathing quickens as he makes his way back to her lips. Moaning against his lips, she tugs at his hair on the back of his neck.


“You have got to be kidding!” Emma lets go of Killian. “What is it, kid?”

Killian runs a hand through his hair, sitting down at the table while muttering “bloody hell”. He takes out his flask, drinking from it. Henry looks between the two of us. Emma’s cheeks flush. Hopefully he didn’t see too much.

“There’s something you need to see. Right now.”

Emma looks back at Killian. “I’ll meet you above deck; give me a minute.” She watches him ascend the stairs. Turning back around, Killian glances up at her with hooded eyes.

“It’s okay, love. Your boy needs you.”

She bends down to kiss him on the lips. “I love you.”

“And I you.”

“Happy Valentine’s,” she blows him a kiss before going to see what Henry needs to show her.