Here’s Why That CaptainSwan Vault Scene is Important

Hate them or love them, but the vault scene in 6×07 proved to be tremendous profession of what love is.cute-af

I’m a hopeless romantic, so when I watched the scene, tears were pouring from my eyes. Hook loves Emma so truly; their love is so raw. No, it’s not a perfect relationship. Far from it, but there is not one relationship in the world that is smooth sailing. And if you know a couple whose love is just absolutely perfect, then bravo. They are a rare breed.

My point in writing this is not stir the pot of haters. I could care less about who you ship. It’s not my place to tell you who to ship. However, I will say that Captain Swan is canon and true love. They are the real deal here, people. Whether you choose to believe it or not, their love is passionate and ya know, it’s REAL.

As seen in the vault scene, we know how much they support one another. Hook knew Emma was shaken from what the Evil Queen was threatening her parents. She had every right to be. Hook saw this and he did what he knew she needed: he gave her hope. He read her the story of her parents meeting, telling her that she is the product of true love and is stronger than she ever knew.

“You can overcome your visions; you can overcome anything. Now remember who you are: the product of the true love.” THIS. This, my friends, is what we call a boyfriend building his true love up. This is what a passionate and loving relationship is. And while we didn’t hear much from Emma, her face says it all. She is madly and deeply in love with Hook.

We can go on and on and on and on about how Hook isn’t good enough for Emma. But we know the truth. We know that there is nobody else for Emma other than Hook. They balance each other out and makes each other a better person. It’s a sure sign of a great relationship. And if you disagree with me, then you disagree with me. But know that you are wrong. :p

Now, if they could get a moment of happy, domestic bliss, that would be much appreciated.

My Domestic Captain Swan Wish List

Well, it’s been quite some time! College is really cramping my fangirling. Last Sunday it was confirmed canon that Captain Swan would be living together. And with that comes what? That’s right, domestic moments! Or so we hope.

Image result for emma asks hook to move in gifs

Here is my domestic Captain Swan wish list:

  • Hook makes Emma breakfast
  • Hook bringing said breakfast to Emma in bed
  • Emma and Hook finally sit down and watch Netflix
  • Hook shirtless (that’s domestic, right?!)
  • Emma and Hook waking up together (and we all die from feels)
  • COFFEE (it’s time)
  • Cuddles
  • Actually drinking coffee together like the cute couple they are
  • Adam made a joke about this, but Hook changing a light bulb

Am I missing anything? What is on your Captain Swan wish list?

In Season 6 We Need…

Hiatus…oh how I despise hiatus. After Sunday’s finale, I have compiled a list of things that need to happen in season 6. Granted, they’re little things, but still things that absolutely need to happen!

Domestic Captain Swan: Who doesn’t want to see Emma and Hook in a moment of bliss? Maybe a scene where they’re eating breakfast and drinking coffee. (Actually drinking coffee, not the code word of coffee the fandom uses). Maybe Hook tries to figure out how to use a waffle iron. And if he can’t, he would swing by Granny’s and pretend that he made them. We just need some cute, quiet moments for these two. Or, you know, have them wake up beside each other…

Regina v Evil Queen: Oh man. I know Lana told us at the convention I reported at that the Evil Queen would be coming out to play, but I did not expect this twist. I hope we get a showdown or something between them. I just hope with the Evil Queen gone from Regina that she doesn’t lose her sass. Off the record, I totally think Regina is going to have to sacrifice herself to defeat the Evil Queen. Seems like something that would happen.

Someone grounding Henry: Honestly, that kid is the definition of teenage boy. I get it, I’m still a teenager too and I’m around teenage boys. Granted, we’re older teens, but I get it. But still. Henry needs a good grounding. At least from his phone or his author pen. He did run away to New York City, almost trapped his family in a crazy land, and belittled Emma. If that doesn’t call for grounding, I don’t know what does. Maybe they do things differently in Storybrooke. I really just find Henry annoying, not going to lie.

Emma and Hook reminiscing on their past: I was rewatching old scenes, as you do, and I forgot about some things. Like the bean stalk scene and how Emma left Hook with the giant. Or when she jabbed him in the ribs after he got hit by that car. Or how flirty he was and his little inappropriate comments. Ah, season 2. Also, I want some closure and talk on the Dark Ones dilemma. (Can I just say how much I loved Dark Captain Swan?)

A family dinner: How bloody awesome would that be?

Emma finally showing Killian Peter Pan: It’s something we have all been waiting for. Ever since Hook said: “I take it from your tone that perms and waxed mustaches aren’t a good thing.” I can just imagine his disdain when he sees the Disney version of Captain Hook on the screen. We need this scene!

Rumple getting his just desserts: Dude has it coming to him. I, for one, do not believe he should get his happy ending. Belle needs to leave him and he needs to lose everything. I don’t know, am I being too harsh?

What would you love to see in season 6? Sound off below!


Thank You OUAT For Captain Swan

cs reunion.jpg

For those of you who are frequent users of Twitter, you may have seen the trend last night ‘We Support Captain Swan’. After a lot of backlash from people to the Captain Swan fandom, I thought it was nice to see a group of fans defending Emma and Hook. Not to mention, hopefully Adam and Eddy saw how much we love Hook and Emma. I made sure to send my thanks to Adam about how beautiful and intense their relationship is and I even got a thank you. Positive comments go a long way when all some people get are hateful comments. I’m not here to preach that you should be kind to everyone, but think before you say something. Adam and Eddy have creative minds and they made a show that we all know and love. If you love the show, you should respect the creators of the show. I would also like to note, I loved Outlaw Queen too, and I feel for that fandom. I do, I really do.

So I wanted to thank Once Upon a Time for Captain Swan.

  • First and for most, Emma is not weak because of Hook. If anything, Hook has strengthened Emma. To love and be loved is to be given strength. You saw in season 1 that Emma was broken, alone, scared. Now, at season 5, Emma is whole and loved and confident. She was able to love and trust someone. Even with Neal, she had her walls up. It wasn’t until Hook came that she took off her armor and started to trust a man. For goodness sake, she went to Hell to fight for the man she loves. Emma had been hurt in the past, and finding Hook has made her happy. She had every right to cry and have a moment of weakness. She thought her true love was gone forever. Is she not allowed to show some vulnerability? A lost girl who found her solace in a lost boy. Case in point, Emma Swan is still bad ass as ever. Boom.
  • Taking two unlikely pairs and having them be true love is very powerful. Having first started the show, I had known Emma and Hook would be a thing. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. How could Emma, a savior, fall in love with a pirate with a rum problem? I was wrong to assume that it would never work. Because what I see in Emma and Hook is a love so powerful that the past doesn’t matter. We all have a past, and sometimes our past isn’t good. Learning to accept each other’s past is the first step of love. Acceptance is real love. Redemption is a huge part of the show, and that is what Hook had.
  • Emma and Hook literally helped each other defeat darkness. Who was the first person to go after Emma after she turned dark? Hook. He never cared that he would get hurt; all he wanted to do was help the woman he loves. Hook was the one to stop Emma from hurting Merida when the rest of the heroes didn’t know what to do. Granted, that was a crazy situation, so can you blame them? My point being, Hook wanted to save the woman he loved because he knew Emma-the light Emma-needed his help. His concern for her was powerful and everything true love should be. Same goes for Emma. Even when she was dark, all she wanted to do was save Hook from knowing the truth. She wanted to protect and shield him.
  • Cuteness overload between those two. I mean, have you ever smiled so much at your TV screen before? Every time those two are on the screen, I can’t help but have a smile on my face. They’re sassy, witty comments are like they’re still in the flirty stage of their relationship. Their heartfelt conversations make my heart melt because you know how much they love each other. Seriously, that reunion scene was the cutest thing ever. Their giggles and Emma kissing every inch of Hook’s face. OMG!

A HUGE thank you to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis for giving us a beautiful and deep relationship on the show. They taught us that love comes in all forms. A pirate and a savior. A evil queen and a thief. A beast and a beauty. A prince and a princess. That together, each couple survives their own dilemmas and overcomes them. That love is power and not weakness. That Hook empowers Emma and builds her up. That Emma makes Hook a better man. Despite all the hate Captain Swan has been getting, we need to not focus on that. As a fandom, we just need to appreciate our OTP. After all, Zeus certified them as being true love. How epic is that?! And I do hope Regina gets her happy ending.


Once Upon A Time: “Firebird” Review

By: Carolina

The 20th episode of Season 5 was one of the most emotional and intense of the series, showing us not only a dramatic goodbye scene with Emma and Killian, but also the Lord of the Underworld with an ace up his sleeve, not having changed his sinister plans even though he received a true love’s kiss from Zelena. My heart aches after such angst -I don’t even know how I’m able to write this- but let’s make a recap of how our favorite heroes and villains lived the unexpected and stressing moments in last Sunday’s episode:

The Emma flashback was quite meaningful in the character’s life. I mean, Cleo helped Emma become not only that badass bail bondsperson, but also taught her to use an armor to protect herself, to be more rational than emotional. In my opinion, it’s good to have both of them. You can’t always lead yourself through tough situations by only thinking with your mind, sometimes it’s good to also let your heart guide you.

OUAT 5x20 Emma ArmorAnyways, it was gloomy to see Cleo not making it after escaping from the cops, and more when Emma learned that she had been in the same situation: Cleo had given up her child years ago, empathizing with the situation Emma was living as well. So in some way, they were more alike than they thought. The end of the flashback was both sweet and fantastic, Emma telling Tasha about her mother and getting her own armor: the well-known red jacket we all love.

I definitely liked to see those Rumple-Pan scenes. It’s interesting to see how torn and tricky their relationship is, catching certain tension and rage between them. When Rumple took Robin’s heart I definitely hated Rumple. However, when he told his father that he had actually placed a glamour spell on the “heart” and returned Robin his, I felt not only relieved but satisfied. This of course does not justify Gold’s evil ways to get what he wants, but at least he didn’t mess up everything. Seems like we have already seen the last of the former Neverland ruler.

And what about the heroes wanting to help the residents of the Underworld move on? Excellent decision, Henry. I have to admit he’s worthy of being the Author. It’s all about helping others and not thinking selfishly, which I believe it’s one of the greatest messages of the show.

We also saw more of the sisterhood between Regina and Zelena, which I have become very fond of. It’s nice to see them act like a real family after two seasons of wanting to break one another’s neck and destroy the other’s happiness. Robin, on the other hand, was not that convinced when Regina told him to trust The Wicked Witch when it came to hand her their baby. It was hard for him and it’s completely understandable. How many things has Zelena done to them, always deceiving them time after time? I just hope that this perspective changes because, in my honest opinion, I do think that Zelena is changing (let’s just see what happens on next episode since the promo showed a not so friendly Zelena).


Hades! I can’t believe he was willing to leave the heroes back in “Underbrooke”, not caring about them even though he had a deal with them. The only good thing he did was remove their names from the tombstones, but apart from that, he was very determined to get to Storybrooke no matter what. I guess that Zelena wasn’t right at all, love didn’t change the Lord of the Underworld and that is going to bring catastrophic consequences, very likely to include a broken hearted Zelena.

Now, let’s get to the part that made me fangirl but also broke my heart, the highlight of the episode. Emma and Hook ventured themselves to the deepest part of the Underworld with the hope of feeding him with the fruit of Ambrosia so he could finally go home. OUAT tells us Orpheus and Eurydice’s story in a different way than in the original mythology, but it still kept its essence. I love how the show has included Greek stories and the way they have linked them to the core characters.

The True Love test was something I did not expect and for that, I feel marvelously in love with how the writers put it. Unlike the rest, this test was about choosing the one you loved above your own life, which made that moment a magnificent and unique one.

The pirate and the savior sharing one of the most painful and touching farewells in history made me sob uncontrollably the rest of the night. Seriously, how many times do we have to go through this before Captain Swan finally gets a happy, peaceful, angst-free moment? I do hope it’s soon, otherwise my shipper heart won’t be able to handle it.

OUAT 5x20 Emma Hook Bye

Once Upon A Time’s “Firebird” exceeded my expectations, not only for the fact that we had many Captain Swan moments, but also because we got to see a significant time in Emma’s life that left a mark on her. I do like how Henry is getting more and more into his author role and I hope we get to see more of this. My only worry right now is Hades, because he has lied to Zelena and for sure will turn her against her sister and the rest of the heroes.

Finally, I’d like to express how crazy I went with the promo for next week’s episode. We’re not only getting a lot of disagreements between the characters, but also a devastating scene of a funeral, Killian Jones’s funeral! We do know he’s coming back; the question is HOW?

Yeah, it’s gonna be a hard week until Sunday arrives.

Rating: 9.5/10

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 7/8 pm.