3 Things I Learned From ‘Once Upon a Time’

  1. True love can be found in the most unlikely of places: One of my favorite aspects of the show is the romance between couples. I do realize that the show is not centered around romance, but Adam and Eddy have created powerful portrayals of love. Not just any love but true love. And each true love pairing was unlikely and complex- which I adored. Emma fell in love with Killian who was a former pirate and villain. Snow fell in love with a prince who aggravated her. Regina fell in love with a man “who smells like forest” and was a thief. Somehow, each couple was able to set aside their differences to give in to love. A Savior and a pirate. A bandit and a prince. A queen and a thief. All unlikely loves with an amazing story. True love conquers all!

2. Woman are just as strong as men: The female empowerment is strong on this show. The women kick some serious butt and are not overshadowed by their male counterparts. They are treated as individuals, not sidekicks to the men. Emma constantly saves Hook. Snow has saved Charming. Regina has saved Robin. We see in each female character some serious strength. Whether it be physically or mentally. The women on this show are not afraid of any fight…or monster.

3. Redemption is possible: Okay I know I said the true love thing was my favorite aspect, but I lied. The redemption arcs in the show are so great! My favorite, and I might be biased because I love him, but Hook’s redemption arc was so strong. He was ruthless and arrogant, but when he found Emma, that all disappeared. Sure he has some moments of pirate, but he’s changed for the better. Love has changed him. From a man that killed his own father, to a man who saved an entire town from the Underworld. (yes, he did save them. That was the Dark One talking when he tried to banish them). Then we can’t forget Regina’s powerful redemption. From an evil queen who murdered villages, to a hero. The strength of her loves, Henry and Robin, changed her for the better. Like Hook, she still has bits of malice in her, but she has dramatically changed.


Surviving the OUAT Hiatus

As we all well know, the Once Upon A Time hiatus is here. Based off of previous years, I’m guessing ONCE will return September 25, 2016 with its season six premiere. That’s 117 days. Eeeek! But have no fear folks, it was recently announced that filming begins next month! July seventh if you want to be exact (I know we do). What are we supposed to do in the mean time? I’m glad you asked. Look no further–I have compiled a list of things that may just save you from breaking point this hiatus:

Hiatus Survival Guide

10. Find a book series

You’d be surprised how easy it is to transfer your obsession onto something else. Even if it’s only for a while. It’s especially important to note that some TV shows have taken to coming out with book adaptions or companion series…or vice versa. (i.e. Outlander, Game of Thrones). Check those out too! Don’t write anything off.

9. Start a Blog

Most ONCERS have taken a liking to Tumblr…dare I say even WordPress? If you haven’t signed up yet, it should be on your list of things to do. All I am saying is the amount of GIFs you find of our favorite pirate is well worth it. (Endless scrolling people. ENDLESS.)


How do you think we are surviving? 😉

8. Enjoy the outdoors, it’s Summer time baby!

tumblr_n7iyukeTBM1qlqo4ro1_500You’d be surprised how quickly time flies when you get out of the house. I know that normally we all huddle over our computers for hours at a time, but depending where you live–there could be some awesome activities you’re missing out on! Now is the time to take part in them. Go Kayaking, hiking, or road trip to the beach with friends! (I live in Florida…so maybe find something to do that’s relatable to your area.)

7. Read/Write FanFiction

Now, I may be a little biased, but writing FanFiction (CS smut anyone?) is very therapeutic, and sometimes you just have to write the story you can’t find.

If you’re not a writer, or have zero interest in trying, READ IT. I promise you, it’s probably one of the best things you could do for yourself on hiatus.

I’ll compile a list of my fav’s for you guys! It may take a few days…there’s a lot. In the mean time, you can read mine.

OUAThooked FanFiction (Shameless self promotion)

6. Look for Summer shows

Freeform (Previously ABC Family) and USA are just two networks that play new episodes (and new seasons) of shows during the summer. Adam and Eddy have a new show, Dead of Summer, coming to Freeform June 28, 2016! We should all show our favorite writers some love and check it out!


Also, If you’ve been living under a rock–Pretty Little Liars returns with Season 7– June 21, 2016. (You can watch previous seasons on Netflix or Hulu.)

Which brings me to my next point…

5. Netflix–Binge. Game. Strong.

Netflix has SO MANY great shows. Original series as well! May I suggest Orange is the New Black or Blood Lines…

unnamedOr Binge your favorite show all over again! *cough* ONCE… or maybe you’re also a Supernatural fan? That show has like 11 seasons on Netflix guys… it’s amazing.

4. Don’t have Netflix?

Check your local listings for reruns! Over summer many stations don’t have a ton of new shows. So guess what? They replay all those wonderful episodes in order. Yup, get your Gilmore Girls binge on without Netflix Folks! (If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, you’re doing it wrong!)

3. Make fan editstumblr_o6ytvdYBOp1vu90u6o1_1280

I know on Twitter I always love watching those vines or fan videos of my favorite tv couples. I have zero clue how to make them. But by the end of Summer, I hope to have that skill perfected.

I do like to dip my toe in photoshop now and again…It’s quite entertaining (and can get silly really quick.)

CS meets Ironman anyone?   ————->

Let’s compare. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?

2. Re-Watch ALL media of your favorite Actors

You probably think i’m joking. I’m not. You know how much time I waste on Youtube watching Colin interviews/Bloopers/BTS videos? It’s amazing…or ridiculous, depending on how you view it. Either way, one minute its 6pm on a Monday night, and the next minute it’s 3am Friday.

1. Captain Swan Kisses

That’s right. By now I am sure you have all seen the glorious video a fan made that compiles all the CS kiss scenes. And i’m talking like 43 minutes long.

That’s an entire episodes worth.


Please– sit back, relax, and enjoy.

—> Captain Swan Kisses

If you have any tips on how to survive the hiatus let me know!

Twitter: @OUAThooked 

So, as we “patiently” await the arrival of BTS media and eventually the return of our fav heroes, join me here with updates during the hiatus!

Emily (OUAThooked)


Once Upon A … Hiatus

its heere.gif

It’s that time of the year every fan is scared of. Those horrific days of feeling you have nothing to live for. Those moments that seem to be an endless torture of staring at the calendar, counting the months, weeks, days, and even the hours left until your favorite show returns. Yes, hiatus is here *inserts dramatic background music*.

As a fangirl myself I know how ugly these things can be. You feel empty, rather lonely. Social media, specially Twitter, isn’t as interesting as it was before. There is a lack of news about the programs and even about the actors, who are either working on different projects, attending private events or simply enjoying a well-deserved vacation. Yeah, it sucks.


Anyway, you might be thinking what to do with your life during this four-month hiatus in order to survive. You start thinking of all those things you say you’re going to do during the break but don’t know exactly where to start. Well, today’s your lucky day! I decided to share some TV show and book suggestions that can be of help to some of you. It’s not the most astonishing thing on Earth but I think it can be of use.


TV Shows

No series compares to our dear and beloved Once Upon A Time, but there are a bunch of TV shows that can help us survive while it comes back (September 25, please come to us NOW!!).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Agents of SHIELD returns
Seasons so far: 3 (renewed for a 4th one)

Action: Guaranteed!

Ships: many! And get ready to cry and fangirl with them. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Yes, I’m talking to you Skyeward!

Comedy: a hint of it, yeah!

The series shows a group of skilled agents who have to deal with some unusual enemies that go from the merciless people of Hydra to the extremely powerful Inhumans. As the heroes try to save the world, they face constant troubles and unexpected dangers that aren’t easy to defeat. The women here are not only clever but also quite badass. (Skye/Daisy Johnson is totally my favorite!).

I’m personally a Marvel fan, but if you don’t follow the movies nor the comic books you can still understand what’s going on.

The Flashflash

Seasons so far: 2 (renewed for a 3rd one)

Action: Plenty!

Ships: definitely! From WestAllen to Snowbarry and many others that will make your heart beat fast! (pun intended)

Comedy: a hint of it, yeah!

Another one of superheroes, but this time from the DC Comics family. Follow Barry Allen in his journey of becoming a famous speedster who has to deal not only with the task of controlling and understanding his powers but also facing the everyday troubles such as work and romantic relationships. With the help of his friends and allies, The Flash protects Starling City as he tries to find a way to fix the painful past that keeps haunting him.

Same as in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, you don’t need to be a follower of the movies nor the comics, the show is understandable.

How I Met Your Mother


Seasons so far: 9 (already ended)

Ships: Yes! (check Marshall and Lilly, they are relationship goals <3)

Comedy: tons and tons of it! You’ll never get enough

Life Lessons: hell yeah!

This hiatus I’m watching this epic show once again because I seriously love it with all my heart! If you haven’t watched it yet, do it! For real, I guarantee you’ll spend a good time laughing and saying “aww” uncountable times.

Its’s the year 2030. Ted Mosby is sitting on a couch in front of his two kids as he tells them he’s going to narrate the anecdote of how he met their mother. However, he doesn’t go straight to that. For them to understand everything, Ted decides to tell the story of his life starting from the year 2005. I’m fan of it not only because the character of Neil Patrick Harris rocks, but also for the fact that it has a lot of amazing guest stars throughout the seasons. (Our amazing JMo appears on season 6 on several episodes as one of Ted’s girlfriends. I have to say, she nails it!)

Dead Of Summer dead

Season so far: 1 (Premieres Tuesday June 28th on Freeform)

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Yeah, I don’t have an opinion about this show yet because it hasn’t aired but I’m looking forward to watching it! It’s a Horowitz & Kitsis production and it has the Snow Queen and Anna of Arendelle! Okay, obviously not those characters but the actresses who had iconic roles on OUAT: Elizabeth Mitchell and Elizabeth de Lail. The show will follow a group of young campers spending their summer in the just reopened Camp Clearwater. There will be romance, fun… and mysterious murders that will change the campers’ lives forever.

Let’s see what Eddy and Adam have prepared!


Definitely a way of escaping reality and let your imagination take you to marvelous places! Without all the schoolwork and pressure of studying for an exam, I find reading a novel quite pleasant. Here are two suggestions:

mazeThe Maze Runner series

Author: James Dashner

Maybe you’ve watched the movies, but trust me, the books are better. I just finished reading the third one and OMG! Dashner blew my mind!

A young boy wakes up in a mysterious box that’s heading upwards. He doesn’t know a thing except for his name: Thomas. Who is he exactly? Does he have a family? What is he doing there? Thomas is confused; a bunch of questions pop into his mind as soon as he reaches the surface and meets a group of boys his age. None of them can leave the small terrain they have been sent to unless they manage to solve the enigma of the maze. Thomas will have to take the lead and risk everything to save himself and his new friends, even if that means breaking all the rules.

My favorite book was definitely the first one, but the other two are just as great. “The Kill Order” is a prequel, but I haven’t read it yet so…


Author: Diana Gabaldon

Holy s**t! I just started reading this book and I’m already hooked! (ehehehe). I wanted to watch the show, but when I learned there was a book I told myself I needed to read it first. And here I am, enjoying every single page of the book as I keep praising Gabaldon’s writing and style.

It’s the twentieth century. After the war ends, Claire Randall and her husband go on a second honeymoon to the mythical land of Scotland. However, the trip takes a twist when the former nurse visits a circle of ancient rocks that, let’s say magically, transport her back in time. Claire tries to understand the situation she’s going through at the same time she starts falling for Jamie Fraser, a young and handsome Scottish warrior. There are spies, battles, chases and an unforgettable romance that will make you love the story.

(P.S.: I’m so watching the show after finishing the book!)

Which TV Shows do you suggest watching? Any book recommendations you have? Share them with us in the comments!


Our Favorite Characters on OUAT

Madeline: This was super hard for me. Naturally, Emma Swan is one of my favorites, but Carolina picked her, so I wanted to go a different route. So who is my favorite character on the show? You probably already guessed: Killian Jones.

His character development from season 2 to season 5 has astounded me. He started as a villain, hell-bent on revenge. Nothing else mattered to him besides revenge. Then Emma came along, and he wanted to change. It was hard for him at first, but Emma brought out the side of him that he thought he lost. He was no longer a villain. He was able to fight that darkness. (Well…until he got to turned into the Dark One, but that’s another story)

As the seasons progressed, the audience saw how much Killian had changed. Sure, he was still a pirate, but his heart changed. He started seeing things in a heroic way. All thanks to Emma. He changed for her and for love. Killian didn’t care about petty revenge, he cared about his future and ensuring he was worthy of one. It was hard for him to accept that he was now a hero and that he was worthy of Emma’s love, but he is. Killian Jones does have a mark in the hero column! From his good looks, sassy comments and inneundos, and his big heart, Killian Jones has wedged his way into my own heart. His love for Emma is adorable, and his redemption arc has been impressive!

Carolina: Emma Swan is definitely my fave! She’s such an interesting character that has grown throughout the seasons thanks to all the good and bad experiences she has lived. On season one she was a very hard woman with her walls up, but as she opened herself to others it was easier for her to find the happiness she had been looking for.

I admire her because she looks like a cupcake but is actually a badass girl who won’t stop fighting for the people she loves. In some ways I see myself in Emma because I find it hard to believe in me whenever I have a tough challenge. However, once I start believing things work out, just like Emma.

She has learned the importance of family, she knows that they are the most valuable thing in her life and that without them she would feel just empty. It’s beautiful, if you may ask me, how Emma Swan has put her family above all.