Once Upon a Time’s Biggest ‘OMFG’ Moments

There have been some pretty crazy plotlines through the run of this show. You know? Those moments when you just scream “oh my freaking goodness!” Or the other word you would like to replace with freaking. So here are our top ‘OMFG’ moments


It is well-known that neither Rumple nor Neal are my favorite characters, but it’s rather funny to say that the moment which nearly made me fall off my chair involved those two. It was on Season 2, when we learn that Emma’s ex boyfriend and Henry’s father is no one else than Baelfire, The Dark One’s son. 

For me it was super shocking! I really didn’t see it coming! It was something that I took long to process because it was crazy. I innocently thought that Neal Cassidy was just another ordinary man from The Land Without Magic that had no connections to the Fairy Tale Land. Well played Mr. Kitsis and Mr. Horowitz. Well played. 

I remember that episode when Gold asks Emma to help him find his long lost son, so the two of them, along with Henry, go on a quest to the overcrowded and busy city of New York. The former bailbonds person finds Baelfire’s location and gets to him, but is rather taken aback when she realizes that Rumplestiltskin’s son is also the man she used to love and the father of her child. (My first reaction to this was a long, high-pitched “Whaaaaaaat?”)

That moment took me by surprise a lot, for real. Just think about it. From all the people in the world, from everyone he could meet, Neal Cassidy crossed paths with someone who actually came from the same place as him, the place where he was running away from. And not any ordinary person. It was the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming! The one who would break the curse! 

It made me see that the characters’ meeting was a matter of destiny. I mean, it wasn’t a mere coincidence that The Savior fell in love with The Dark One’s offspring and had a boy who would be an important key in the story (quick reminder, he’s the Truest Believer, The Author, and took Emma home in Season 1). 

Also, this connection meant new additions to the already big OUAT family tree. We even have a conversation between Mary Margaret and David where they realize that Gold is also Henry’s grandpa (and we see a hint of jealousy in David). Yeah, I really believe that someone should give an award to the show for having the “Biggest and most complicated family tree ever”. LOL. 



Admittedly, I can think of a ton of weird moments on this show, but nothing compares to the moment we found out Zelena was Marianne. And that she was pregnant with Robin’s baby. SAY WHAT!?

Since I was a late starter with this show, I knew most of the plot spoilers from season 1-5A. So when something crazy happened, I was surprised but I already knew it was going to happen. However, I had no idea that Zelena had possessed Marianne’s body in the season 3 finale. I also had no idea that she was pregnant with Robin’s baby. That was all kinds of OMFG.

I remember watching that episode, surprised that it was Robin centric. Then I found out the reason why it was and nearly spilled coffee on myself. I totally did not see that coming. And why was Robin so chill about it? I was pretty much on a fangirl rampage, but he was all like ‘I need to be honorable and be there for Zelena’. I think he could have been not honorable at least once. Because seriously, WHAT THE HECK.

That whole plotline was just…disturbing. We knew Zelena was crazy, but that was like next level insane. Honestly, I still don’t understand completely why everyone forgave her after all of that. Especially Regina. I get it, sisters have a special bond, but come on. I would never forgive my sister if she did that. Granted, we’re not magical and my sister isn’t some crazy lunatic. But still. I find is weird that everybody is okay with it.

Side note: totally loved when Zelena was all evil, but this change of heart is kind of unbelievable.