If you’re reading this, we are assuming you are a major Once Upon a Time fan. This is a fan blog run by fans. We report any news/interviews, Once Upon a Time related posts, episode reviews, and many other fun fairytale themed posts! We respect all ships, so please keep in mind to do the same. Meet the team below:

Madeline: She created a blog as a means to fangirl about her favorite TV show. She is a college student majoring in Journalism with a minor in speech communication. When she’s not in school, she’s drinking enormous amounts of coffee, reading, writing, or daydreaming about the day she becomes a famous journalist. CaptainSwan is her favorite ship, thus the blog name. She also writes/reports for Hollywood News Source and actually covered press at the official Once Upon a Time convention. One day she hopes to live in LA. Also, her long-time dream is being in a cute Hallmark movie. Follow her at her twitter: @onceuponamads and her Instagram: @onceuponamadeline

Carolina: Apart from being a coffee addict and a dessert lover, I’m a girl who likes to spend her day doing what she does best: fangirl. I have this crazy dream of getting a job in Disney Studios as a publicist in the future. I’m not sure if it will come true but, who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be doing the publicity of the next animated hit! Anyways, until that comes true, I do my best and enjoy life as much as I can. I love many tv shows, but OUAT is definitely my favorite one. Writing is my passion (I’m author of several CS Fanfictions), so being part of a blog is an opportunity for me to grow more as a writer and to express my ideas in a different way. Feel free to follow me on Twitter & Wattpad at @fabulouswan

Joanna: Australian/English. 19 years of age. Huge book lover. Love to read and write fanfiction. TV show addict. Once Upon A Time and Captain Swan addicted. Love to over analyze Captain Swan moments. Hope you all enjoy my posts!

Emily: Once Upon A Time I turned my television on and said “Hey, that’s that chick from House M.D.,” and thus began my downward spiral as a ONCER. I’d like to think I’m a rather enjoyable person, I enjoy a good slice of pizza and a glass(bottle) of affordable wine. I’m a bit sassy, but always classy. My love for Colin grows with every beat of my heart. Also, I not only enjoy watching OUAT, but occasionally I write about it as well. You may find my work at: Fanfiction.net/u/7675694/ Twitter: @OUAThooked Tumblr: OUAThooked1993

You stay classy, ONCERS. xx


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